Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Art of Shaving

Ivory Fusion Razor Blade
A lot of people don't think very hard about their razors. They use them to scrape the beards off their faces in the morning and get on with their lives. However, there are substantial differences between different razors, and there are three things that are unfortunately lacking from many razors on the market. These things are easy to identify, and some companies are starting to reflect this. For the time being, it is mostly reflected in the high-end market, such as The Art of Shaving razors, but hopefully we will see an upswing in quality in the future.

The first thing many razors overlook is the importance of grip. Many razors come with narrow grips that provide very little support for the blade. A more robust grip allows for more control from the user while they shave. Naturally, this is an absolutely good thing, but depressingly, most manufacturers neglect the importance of it.

Next is the use of lubrication. Lubrication is important because it allows the razor to glide more easily over skin and hair, and most razors use it to some degree. However, not all razors are created equal in this regard. A razor with better lubrication will allow for a smoother shave all-through, and it will wear down instead of gumming up. When lubrication is a focus, it will work well with the shaving cream or gel that its user employs instead of being redundant with it.

Finally, more razors should be designed with flexible heads. Razors from the Art of Shaving are designed with meticulously-tensed springs to actuate the heads of the razors from, which is a good move. This allows users to more precisely control the blades on their face, much in the same way a more robust handle does. However, too many razors are still made with stiff heads, which make it harder to control the razor precisely as well as making it much easier for the blade to dull as a result of a poor angle against the skill. It's very possible to get this right, so there's no reason not to.

These ought to be the basics of any good men's razor. Slowly but surely, we are seeing a move toward improving the designs of razors on the general market. For the time being, however, the best bet for a man looking for a good shave is to rely on a good razor from a good company. 

Organizing Made Easy with Smead Folders from Shoplet

I have been so  busy this week that I was not able to do  any product review.  Hopefully I could crank all these up next week but I  am doing this one  now because it is long overdue.  My apology Shoplet!  

Smead Easy Grip Pocket
Anyway, I received  one of this Smead Easy Grip Pocket which  helped me organize all the documents I needed during my  citizenship interview  last Thursday.  It is designed with patented Easy Grip with  Expanding Pocket to provide twice as much grip as a standard pocket. Requires less gripping force to remove from drawers or shelves. Rollover Tyvek reinforcement for added durability.   This is sold in boxes of 25 for $32.45 but if you buy in bulk, the discount price is $29.37

This is what I brought with me when I had my interview and it really  made it easier for me to locate  every  document  that the officer  interviewer was asking me to provide during the interview process.  

It's  easy to organize your documents and very easy to carry as well.  In between the slots of the easy grip pocket  are the  Smead Super Tab Heavyweight File Folders where I slipped the different documents that I need for  my naturalization.  Those folders are sold  in boxes of 50 for $10.20 per box but of course, buying it in bulk means  less  price you pay.  These folders makes  easier for labeling your documents as well.

Lastly, I received a  box of Smead FasTab Hanging File Folders. This is sold in boxes of 20 for $13.21 per box.

We have been using this kind of   folders in our office as shown below.  I am glad that I got more because I have to   update my files again at the end of this year and these will be a great help in organizing  our documents  easier.

As you  all know by reading my previous reviews about Shoplet, they have everything that you need for your business such as office supplies such as office stationary, and they also have promotional products like promotional shirts and other promotional products that you can customized and give out to your clients.  Thank you so much again Shoplet!

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog did NOT received monetary compensation in writing this review.  The products mentioned were provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.  

Dance Vs. Playing Music Instrument

My daughter used to  take ballet lessons from a local dance  company here  but she   stop even before   doing the first recital.  She said that she isn't learning anything lol.  I am glad that she did because I felt like the place was just a  money pit.  I did not see any progress or development to our  daughter considering the amount we were paying for every month.  

I wish that they could  raise their standard like the ones  that  you get from the  ballet classes in los angeles.  It would be worth the money. We did not regret our decisions  though because now, she love  playing  piano more than ever.  Dance was not her calling but playing   music instrument such as piano is.

Shopping for Less at $10dollarmall

I recently found some   products on sale  at $10dollarmall.  I rarely shop for  clothes unless they are on sale.  Brand name  jeans like Levi's  is  pricey, I only have two  of them.  So when I see these pants on sale  for as low as $5 each, I grabbed the opportunity to get 7 of them.  Granted they are no-known brand but  for a stay at home Mom, this works for me.  For 8 pieces of  products that I bought, I paid  $59.46 only which includes the shipping already..
Black Boot-Cut Jeans - Black 1
Item Number : D2-24,D1-19, D3-53/141530
Sku : D3-53/141530
Blue Jeans With Small Copper Studs - Blue 1
Item Number : J2-65, J3-68, J1-61/135497
Sku : J2-65/135497
Blue Bootcut Jeans With Tiny Star Studs - Blue 1
Item Number : J1-11, J1-52, J3-13/135496
Sku : J1-52/135496
Light Blue Flare Jeans With Brown Stitching - Light Blue 1
Item Number : H4-44, H2-74, H3-61/141871
Sku : H2-74/141871
Classic Dark Blue Skinny Jeans - Blue 0
Item Number : H3-111, H3-112, H4-2/247122
Sku : H3-111/247122
Classic Blue Skinny Jeans - Blue 1
Item Number : H3-113, H3-110, H3-24/247057
Sku : H3-113/247057
Multi-Color Abstract Stripe Dress - Multi-Color XS
Item Number : H1-32, H7-7, H2-27, H3-65/134751
Sku : H1-32/134751
Gift Card$0.00
I need to alter the lengths of the pants but it is an easy fix. The dress is a nice one too.  I am planning to send some of the pants to my sister.


Victorious Smile!

She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

God bless y'all!

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