Saturday, February 2, 2013

Seabuck Wonders

I never really have any beauty regimen  even when I was still single.  I tried to use a couple of products but it just irritates my skin so I  stopped trying.  But since I am turning  4-0 this year,  I am giving this line of product from Seabuck Wonders a try since they sent me a whole package for free in exchange of review.  They sent me Skin care products and supplements.

So far I like it because it is not giving my skin any reaction.  I love the lotion, the facial cleanser, the facial cream, and  hydrating serum.

Seabuck Wonders is the first company that  brought Sea Buckthorn products to the US.  They uses Sea Buckthorn berries  that are exclusively harvested from the pristine Tibetian Region.  Sea Buckthorn has numerous  life-giving nutrient, the Omega-7.   You may check them out on Facebook.
The Sea Buckthorn Supplement  that they sent me includes:
  • Oil Blend Omega-7 Complete Softgels - Powerful antioxidants and immune support.  Good for skin, gastrointestinal, heart and liver health.
  • Berry Oil  - Cell member nurturing.  It's good for dental and gum health.
  • Seed Oil - Powerful antioxidant and immune support.  Good for cardiovascular  and liver health.
The Sea Buckthorn Skin Care Line includes:
  • Facial Cream - supports a healthy moisture balance deep within the skin.  It nourishes and rejuvenates and enhances skin tone and texture.  I usually use this after   taking a shower.
  • Body Lotion - rejuvenates and replenishes the skin's natural balance  softening and nourishing for silky touchable skin.   I love it's mild scent and it  fixes  the dry skin that I always have during winter times.
  • Exfoliating Facial Cleanser -Cleans the skin gently, yet effectively.  It gently exfoliates to remove dirt and impurities.  It detoxifies the skin to enhance  its tone and texture.  I like using this right before I go to bed.
  • Deep Hydrating Serum - Replenishes and rejuvenates the  skin.  I gently massage this to my face right after I clean it with the  facial cleanser.

Sea Buckthorn or the "The New Miracle Berry" has been featured at Dr. Oz's show three times so you might have seen this on television.   I can honestly say that  in my  one month of using this  skin care products,  my face feels like  younger and fresher.

Here's a quick shot of me  after I took a shower and massaged the serum on my face.  I feel  fresher and my skin looks smoother than before.

Disclaimer:  I received the  products above for FREE in return of my honest review.  There's no monetary compensation for this review.  The opinion being expressed is 100% mine.


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