Monday, August 19, 2013

3 Safety Features That Could Save Your Life (and Save You Money)

The elements in your home that keep you safe can also be the factors that either entice or deter a future buyer from putting in a bid on your home. Installing safety measures also leads to more rewards from your homeowner insurance company, which will find you to be less of a potential liability. Perhaps most importantly, when you take active steps to keep your home safe you will be more likely to become aware of an emergency right away. All of these factors mean that installation of safety devices is definitely worth the effort. Here are three safety measures that will impress your insurance company and help you avoid tragedy.

Smoke Detectors
Smoke detectors set off an audible alarm when smoke is present in your home. Because smoke rises, these should usually be installed on the ceiling in your house or apartment. Keep a smoke detector near areas where a fire is most likely to start, such as your kitchen or adjacent to a fireplace. It’s also a good idea to have one in the area of your home where your family sleeps, so that you can be alerted if a fire breaks out in the middle of the night.

Alarm Systems
An alarm can deter a burglar from even trying to enter your home, particularly if you display a sign from your security system company on your front gate or near your front door. If someone decides to break through a window or door, alarms will send a message to your security system company. Typically, when the security company can’t get a hold of you, they will send police to come check out your home. These systems can not only protect you against the theft of your property, but they may save the life of you or someone in your home. Alarms can also be based on motion, so even if someone makes it through the door their walking will set off an alert.

Extra Locks
Dead locks on your windows and doors will make it less likely that someone can break into your home. Insurance companies reward you for this measure, especially if you have more than one secure lock on each door. Keep one lock at the very top of the door, where it would be difficult for someone to successfully pick it from the outside, especially without looking very suspicious.

Protecting yourself and your family is a good practice in general, but as an added bonus it can also help your finances. Your monthly home insurance premiums are affected by a number of different factors, including your zip code, but with these safety measures you will have at least some control over what you pay in insurance fees. If you install a new safety feature in your home, always inform your insurance company and ask about negotiating a new rate for your home.


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