Friday, November 13, 2015

RoyalTea Jewelry Candle Review

If you would come to my house, it smells so good right now.   I found my new favorite   candle scent, the Golden Rose from RoyalTea Candles.
I was a little concerned when I  received the candles that I ordered from RoyalTea Candles.  They were inside a bubble mailer package so I was a bit surprised that it did not came in a box ad other company would.  Most of the  candle company that I have previously worked with, their  packaging are in a secure  cardboard box.  But I guess it doesn't really matter because the candles were intact when I opened them.  The candles were well covered with bubble wrap and a piece of cardboard that  protecting the  glass from  breaking.  I just thought it's weird that they don't have an elegant packaging that  will represent their brand.  
 Nevertheless, I was very impressed of the  containers.  It's something I have never seen before.  As you can see  in the pictures below, their containers are pretty unique.
 I ordered the Golden Rose and the Vanilla Bean scents.  My husband really love the vanilla bean scent.  I actually put this golden rose by my desk because even if I did not light it yet, it smells so good and it's soothing.  It brings back memories of summer in the garden.
These natural soy candles are made in the US.  Their company is based in New York.  I love that they have so many  scents to choose from and the surprise jewelry choices includes ring, bracelet, and necklace.  
I was in pain from the work out I did yesterday so I decided to light this golden roase candle to sooth me. So while I was working on something, the smell of the candle really relaxed me and put me in a good mood. This scent is made up of sweet rose, lily, fern, and marigold.
My kids wanted to pull the chain to see the surprise jewelry in it.
I was a bit disappointed that both candle contains the same jewelry, the key necklace. The goof things about it though is that, my daughter and I could each have one when we feel like wearing a matching necklace. The key necklace is valued at $35 so even though you paid $25 for the candle, you still get the jewelry for free so it's a win.

I am dedicating this spicific photo for all those  people
 who  lost their lives in the  horrible terrorist attack in Paris. #PrayforParis
I also have this Lavender Chamomile scent.  As you can see in the photo, the candle was a little damage from the transit.  The bubble wrap did not protect it which was my initial concern when I opened the first  package.  Other than that, it smells  awesome even before I light it.
"The beautiful scented blend of lavender and chamomile creates an excellent aroma therapy candle that soothes and entices."  This  would be a perfect one to light when you are  having a cup of chamomile tea, ahh what a relaxing moment it would be.
 Today (11/16),  I woke up with a  bad  migraine headache so I lit the lavender chamomile when I came home  from my morning walk.  The estimated  burning time of one of these candles is 80 hours so you will get a lot from buying one candle and you also get a surprise gift!
I still have to  see h what surprise is waiting for me.  The candle is not soft enough for me to pull the chain.  I will  updatte this post, later  on today. for the reveal of the jewelry.
 So after a couple of hours if burning it, my migraine slowly went away and  the surprise gift inside the candle is beautiful.  It is a ring this time which I am glad because I was worried it is going to be a key necklace again lol.

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.


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