Monday, April 25, 2016

Writing Journal

As I get older, I noticed that my forgetfulness is getting worse so I have been consistently  writing a daily journal at the beginning of this year so when the time comes that I can no longer remember anything, I can go back and read  my entries.  There are pages in my journal where  I  incorporated all the   dried out  flowers that my kids  gave  when they were younger and even now.
Little things  like  wild flowers that my kids picked  for me  is very precious so I always put them in the books but now I  included them in my 2016 journal.
 As much as I would love for my kids to stay this young, I can't control it.  They are growing up like  weeds so I tried to preserve great memories of their childhood.  One day, I will put all of these in a memory box and they  can have it when I'm gone or when I can't remember a thing anymore,  I hope that one of them can read it to me.  
When writing,  it is important to  use pen that doesn't blot in the paper.  I love pentel pens, they have  great selection of pens and pencils.  
I love these mechanical pencils that  Shoplet sent me for review.  Actually, my daughter already took ownership of it and tried it with her  recent sketches.

 I also love the   Pentel liquid gel pink that they also included in the package.  I uses it  in writing my journal entries.  This EnerGel RTX liquid gel pen delivers the ultimate writing experience with a stainless steel tip and super-smooth blend of liquid and gel inks that glide across paper. This liquid gel ink dries so fast even left-handed writers, like my husband, loves it. It has no no smears, no smudges and no globs, I really love it! Thew acid-free ink formula is excellent for everyday notes yet safe for vital documents.

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