Thursday, July 11, 2013

Babyliss for Men

When my husband went to Japan  to attend  school  two years ago,  he  bought a  hair cut set.  Since then,  he never  went to a  barber shop as we cut our own hair at home.  He only paid like $20 for the set but  it saved us  hundreds of dollars already.  Haircut can be  expensive depending on the place where you live.  Over here, the normal  charge for a hair cut in men is  right around $15-$20 then you still have to give tip.  So imagine if you need a hair cut every month, the cost can add up.

Anyway, the said hair cut set  still in great condition but it is always good to have a back up just in case.  That's why I am glad that  Beauty Stop Online has sent me this Babyliss for Men, a complete set  for cutting a short and even cut.  We were going to use it yesterday to cut my son's hair but it needs charging for 16 hours first.  It is now charged but  my son changed his mind and does not want his hair cut yet so I have to wait till my husband's hair  needs trimming again.

I love it that my husband  maintains a short  hair cut, it looks better on him.  He used to have a  hair cut like those of a sailor but I find it hard to evenly taper both sides so I suggested for him to just cut it even all around.

The set includes everything that you need to  cut a hair.  It has storage pouch, battery, com, oil, and cleaning brush.

The retail price for this is $89.99 but you can buy it at Beauty Stop Online for $65.99 which will save you $24.  This innovative home hair cutting system is  specially designed to maintain a short and even hair cut.  Thank you again B.S.O. for this another  great product you sent me for review!
We finally used it   yesterday .  My daughter cut her brother's  hair  before we went to church.  She  used the Babyliss first but it  was a bit big for her tiny hands so  she switched to the old set that we have.  See the advantage of having this cutting hair set, even a child can do it, with an adult supervision of course.  My kids always helped me whenever I cut my husband's hair.

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog  was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  The products mentioned above was given for FREE for evaluation purposes.


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