Friday, September 23, 2016

Mother of Pearl Furniture

The theme of our  family room is Asian so  when my husband saw these Mother of Pearl furniture at a flea market, he thought it would be perfect  there.  I love the details and it's in great condition. All of the three have claw foot legs that add to the sturdy construction of these functional pieces. We got the coffee table, endtable, and a cabinet.
We got all three  for $425 which isn't bad because  if you buy  the brand new coffee table alone, it is over $500.   I wasn't going to buy it for that much but my husband  told me it's a rare find around here so he convinced me lol.  Besides, it was free delivery so it's all good.
 Right now, we still need some sitting  furniture  in the family room whichwe won't be able to   buy until the sale of our  old house is finalized.  The set date for the closing is next month  and we still have things to do a there as requested by the buyer.  We were actually surprised that we got  an offer that is higher than we were hoping for so if this sale goes smoothly, we won't be hurting financially  anymore.  Paying two mortgages is no fun especially that only my husband has the  stable income.  My income fluctuates so it is  not reliable to sustain our finances.  
We still have a lot of project to do at this house but  we will do it slowly as  money  becomes available.  I told my husband that this is it, I don't want to move ever again lol.  But life is so unpredictable s we never kow what the future holds.  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Enter Shoplet's Giveaway to Support Your Local School

Shoplet is one of my favorite stores when it comes to office supplies. Being a work-at-home-Mom (WAHM), I keep my office organize and full of stock of the things I need and my kids need for their school stuff.   I am very excited to announce in this blog that Shoplet is engaging the community with their new campaign by hosting a   giveaway where teachers and school can win  a $5,000 worth of supplies.  This is Shoplet's way of  giving back to teachers who are doing their best to educate our  children but constantly  battles with budget cuts.

My children goes to private school and they don't get full funding from the government.  I feel bad for the teachers  because they don't get paid  very mu0ch and they don't even have a retirement program benefits.  Teacher is a noble profession and  to get paid very low is  discouraging.  It would be nice if St. Joseph the Worker will win this giveaway.  
Here are some of the great prizes.

We’re talking over 1000 Pilot and Schneider pens, 2 huge cases of Neenah and Georgia Pacific paper, over 100 boxes of Ticonderoga pencils and assorted Lysol cleaning products. We also have 3 large cases of Lion, C-Line And Roaring Springs folders, 30 packs of various Avery products, 1 case of teacher planners and 24 world maps from House of Doolittle. One classroom will also receive 1 massive whiteboard from Iceberg. That’s enough to make lots of teachers and students very happy!

Enter here for a chance to win and support your local school.  The giveaway is open from September 19 - October 3.  You can also check the  giveaway via Shoplet's Facebook Page.  If you  want to  shop, here is a 20% just for you, just use the coupon  SHOPLETFORSCHOOLS20 upon checkout.

New Containers, Shelf Liner, and More

My husband and kids love cereal so I wanted to get some containers that would hold a big box of cereal.  I found these Good Grope pop container at TJMaxx.  They are a bit expensive but I bought it any since I need it.  They were  $14.56 each.  I love that it really seal so that's a good thing.  You don't want your cereal to be stale.  To open and close the lid is easy with the push button in the middle.  
 Since we can't afford to buy new cabinets yet, I bought some more shelf lining so I can cover the  shelves.  
 I also bought a new pitcher for  lemonade.  We have been drinking lemonade ever since the summer have began so this one is perfect.  
 On the other note, I have been trying to get rid of things that we no longer need.  We hauled a CRV full of baby stuff to Goodwill last month and we still have a lot to give there.  Some of the things though, I am selling them through Facebook online garage sale groups.  I recently sold  a microwave, and this grill and tomorrow, someone will be picking up the  bunk bed.  
It's nice to get rid of  old stuff and once in a while find new things as well.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Back to School Shoe Shopping

Back to school is always the busiest time  with kids.  They constantly growing up so the constant need for new shoes, new clothes and more.    There's no denying that  yoi will buy your kids shoes  every six months or so as their feet  grows continously.  You might get away from buying the   taylor swift acoustic guitar that they want  but you can not get away from buying shoes.  Time flies and our children grows really fast as well.  My husband and I always  makes every moment with our children special.  We want them to have a great childhood memories with us. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Love this Tabletop Air Circulator with Adjustable Oscillation for my Office

This year's summer would be the most agonizing for my husband when it comes to dealing with the summer heat here in our new home.  We don't have  an air conditioning unit installed yet in the first floor  so  it is hot for them.  The heat doesn't really bother me because I grew up in the tropics so I am used to a warm climate, the temperature we are having right now is  just normal to me.  For my husband, it is way too hot to handle, he said he is melting every time he stays here at home.  Gladly, he is at work mostly half of the week so it is quite alright.  We will eventually  install an AS unit here to keep the downstairs cool during the summer but we are still  waiting till the  other house is sold.  We accepted an offer  already and we are still waiting for the result of the  inspection, hopefully it goes smoothly then we can finalize the sale.  
Working from home is such a blessing.  I am very thankful to my husband that he allow me to do what I love even if it means that a little sacrifice on the finances is involve on the finances because  it is an unstable income.  I am grateful that he is supportive even if  I contribute less financially.  It is however an advantage  being a work at home Mom because I  get to take care of our children and I everything is taken care of at home.  
Having said that, I have to have a   comfortable work station which is why I am glad we have moved to a new home because I get to have an office.  At our old house, I only used  part o our living room to  set up my  office so we couldn't really claim any expenses  during the tax season.
I love this tabletop air circulator with adjustable oscillation desk fan that I got.  It is perfect to keep my office cool during  the intense heat of that sun this summer.  It has a remote for easy operation and it is really quiet.  What I love about this is, it is small so  you can either put it on top of your desk or you can put it under your desk.  It oscillates up and down so  there's no issue of just colling  just the bottom  but it also reaches the top.
You can get this Ozeri Brezza Oscillating 10" High Velocity Desk Fan via  Amazon for $25.30

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.


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