Monday, November 18, 2013

5 Reasons to Buy a Pool Cover this Summer

Pool covers, good investment or just another needless accessory? See below why the humble pool cover can be more than meets the eye.

Less Maintenance

The most obvious benefit of using a pool cover is the amount of time you’ll save cleaning your pool. A pool cover will help you reclaim your Summer by creating a barrier to block falling leaves, twigs, and any stray balls or toys from falling into your pool. Less time spend chasing debris around the bottom of your pool means you can spend more time enjoying it!

Fewer Chemicals

With the surface of your pool protected from the sun, much less water will be exposed to the air and vulnerable to evaporation. In the long term, using a pool cover means you’ll need less chemical treatment of any water you would have added to top up the evaporated amount. In fact, limiting your pools exposure to the sun will also stop that green tinge in its tracks; algae can’t grow without sunlight, leading to less chemical treatment by preventing the problem in the first place.

Less Costly

As mentioned above, the less you expose the surface of your pool to sunlight, the less water you will lose to evaporation. Using a pool cover will save you the cost of repeatedly topping up your pool with water to keep it at the same level. With the price of water steadily rising, investing in a pool cover now could save you a lot in the long term! Even better, that extra amount of chemical treatment you would have done to the top-up water? Not needed. No top-up water means no extra chemical treatment, which means you save money on both water and pool chemicals.

Stable Temperature

For those of you with temperature-controlled pools, a pool cover can help keep your bills down by preventing excess heat loss from your pool. The cover acts as a type of insulation, preventing the cool air from sapping heat from the top layer of water. Covering your pool means you don’t have to spend time and money constantly reheating it.

Child Safe

Certain types of pool covers go that extra mile in providing a fall safe surface to prevent kids falling into the water. These more solid covers essentially board up the pool, making it near impossible for curious youngsters to get into trouble when the pool area is not in use. If you’re interested in child safe pool covers, be sure to check with the manufacturer as designs vary depending on their purpose. Fabric Solutions Australia has a range of different covers available to suit both general and specific needs.

Given all the advantages of using a pool cover, why not consider investing in one this summer? Your pool will thank you for it!</


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