Friday, June 28, 2013

Hot Buckles

I was contacted via email by Hot Buckles, a company that has a great selection of  belts for men, women, and kids.   They asked me if I  would be interested in reviewing two of their  products.  Below are the ones that I picked.   The first one is the women's black embossed rhinestone leather belt, the  second one is the same kind but thinner. (Photos  of the first two photos are  copied from their website). 

Women's Black Embossed Rhinestone Leather Belt

Women's Thin Black Embossed Rhinestone Leather Belt

They have a great selection of Cool buckles and fashion accessories, so if you are into using  unique and fashionable belts, Hot Buckles is the place to shop.  They have a huge selection of  stylish belts, clothing, wallets, watches, bracelets, sun glasses, and more.  You can enjoy a 10% off  if you join their mailing list.  I love their selection of sun glasses which by the way are on sale.  
I love the rhinestones designs to these two belts.  They are very sassy and just perfect to use as a complete accessory for my cowboy hat and cowboy boots, yeeehaw!
Thanks sis Dhemz for the  Levi's capri and cowboy boots!
Disclaimer: The author of this blog received the products mentioned above for evaluation purposes. NO monetary compensation was received in facilitating this review.

Bankruptcy Laws

I never filed a bankruptcy nor very knowledgeable in it.  I understand what bankruptcy is but  not really familiar with  certain laws about it.  It  is my understanding that every state has it's own laws regarding the  issue.  Say for instance, West Virginia might be   of different compared to the north carolina bankruptcy laws or Ohio or any other state.  Nevertheless, it is always important that when you are filing a bankruptcy, you understand exactly what you are doing coz if not, it is a wise decision to  hire a professional that could help you along the way.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DeBebians Fine Jewelry Collection

I am loving this pair of Blue Topaz earring that DeBebians has sent me to  evaluate and write a review of.  I should have picked the   pink topaz to match my sterling silver necklace with pink solitaire pendant that I have recently.  Nevertheless, I love this Blue Topaz Studs earring that I got.
What  separates DeBebians from the other jewelry companies that I previously work with is the fact that you can customize your  jewelry before you finally order them.  What I am saying is, you can pick the birthstone type that you like, choose the setting (three prong, 4 prong, and bezel), choose the metal (yellow or white gold in 14k), and then choose the backing (screw back, push back, and La Pousette) as you can see in the second photo above.

Their packaging is very impressive.  They  packed it in a way that will make the  receiver very excited and special.  You can get the same  pair of earring s that I got for  $275 at their website.  Don't frget to check out their items on sale as well.
Debebians has a huge selection of fine jewelry.  I love their  Diamond hoops earring collection.  I  love wearing hoops earrings and the one I am wearing was recently stripped off from me, my daughter wanted it so I gave it to her.  I would like to get a pair someday, something that I can wear on a daily basis.  
Don't forget to check out their  gorgeous selection of wedding and  engagement ring collection.    They have different kinds such as  black diamond, ruby, rose, and more.  They also have other types of  jewelry for both men and women.  Thank you again DeBebians for  this  great opportunity!

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog received the product mentioned above for evaluation purposes.  NO monetary compensation was received in facilitating this review. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Slice Safety Cutters

I received two of these Safety Cutters from Slice to review.  This finger-friendly  microscopic ceramic  blade is  so versatile and  safe to use for different things such  as clipping, removing shrink wrap, and removing plastic packaging, and more as you can see in the  photo on the right..

This is a great alternative in using scissor or traditional cutters.  I read the description at the website and it says that this ceramic knife never rusts so I am looking forward to  using this for a long time.

I put my  cutter into  test by using it to remove the  packaging tapes of the empty boxes that I have in the basement and it   did a great job.  Now that I do a lot of product reviews, I  have so many empty boxes and I just   fold all them together and put it in the trash bag for  trash pick up.  Thank you Slice for making  my job easier with these ceramic cutters.

This cutters only cost $5.99 each but you will have a lot of things to use it for, it's worth the money you will pay for.  Slice also  provides  tools for your  kitchen, home and office, beauty care, and more.  So check them out through the link  above.

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog received the product  being mentioned above for evaluation purposes.   No monetary compensation was received in facilitating this review.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Deer and Rabbit Repellent

A wild rabbit has been feasting  on my flowers at the front yard and   I don't see flowers at all.  So I was forced to take action so they won't bother the plants.  I bought this Deer and Rabbit repellent.  

As you can see, most of the day lilies  don't have flowers in them.  The rabbit also love the hosta that I planted there.  After I sprayed the plants with the Deer B Gon, they are now starting to bloom.  Sorry  rabbits I have to do what I have to do.

Hotel Supplies

Photo is loadingWe stayed at the Homewood Suites Hilton when we  had our    early summer vacation in Texas. Hubby and I  love  their customer service and their extra amenities.  For the price that we paid, it  was so worth it.  Their package deal is so affordable that even  if we were offered by our family friend to stay with their house while we  were there, we chose the hotel because it was so cheap.  One of the many things that we like about it is the complimentary breakfast everyday and  they also have complimentary dinner from Mondays thru Thursdays.

I am wondering if they order their supplies thru a  Hotel Supply Online.  There is an  Atlanta Hotel Supply  online where  Hotel Bar Supplies and other hotel supplies are  affordable.   Online stores  are a great help to businesses such as hotels or or restaurant owners, they can get  the supplies they need for their business without   going to the actual store.  It is also advantageous for them as they can  look for good  deals  by comparing the  prices  of different stores.

Diamond Veneer Sterling Silver

Diamond Veneer
I am so delighted when I arrived from our vacation because I had so many packages to open waiting for me at home.  One of the  products for review that I am excited about is the 1.5 CT round  bail, simulated diamond solitaire pendant set in sterling silver platinum electroplated hanging stationary on a 16" fine tiffany style chain that Diamond Veneer has sent me for review.   My photos doesn't really do so much justice to the beauty of the necklace and pendant so I copied one  of their photos at the website to show you the clear image of it.

This photo isn't mine
This beautiful necklace with pink solitaire pendant cost $120.  I think that this is a great gift to consider if you are looking for something elegant and special to give to your girlfriend, wife, daughter, Mom, or friend.
Diamond Veneer Collection  as it's namesake states,  is a "G" color diamond .  It is a veneer of carbon diamond-like crystalized  around the entire perfectly cut Zirconite cubic Zirconia.  The process  involves the vaporization  under   extreme heat and pressure conditions as the fire increases which in turn  creates the refraction and durability  of the Zirconite just like the real diamond.  

What I love is that, it matches perfectly with  one of the  gifts that I received from a friend for my birthday.  Thanks a lot Marie, love the bracelet!  Now I  have to get me a pair of earrings that matches my new items.  

I am such a lucky lady.  I guess turning forty isn't as bad as I expected  lol.  I have lots of blessings  including  friends and my family especially!   So  friends, if you are  looking for a nearly  perfect diamond  kind of jewelry, choose Diamond Veneer.  It's  affordable and it's as gorgeous as the real diamonds.  Thank you so much Diamond Veneer!  BY the way, they are giving  50% off discount for you, just use the   code GROUP.  Enjoy!
Disclaimer:  The author of this blog  received the  above mentioned product for evaluation purposes.  The author did not receive monetary compensation in facilitating the review.

Mother's Ring

Product ImageI came across a website that  has great selection of mothers rings.  I love their designs and I am thinking of getting one, not for me but for my mother who sacrificed a lot just to  raise 9 children.  I have such a high respect for my mother for raising us without any help.  She and my father did their best to  provide us good life.  I didn't  fully  comprehend  how hard  it was for my mother until I became a Mom myself.  It would be nice to give her  one of those rings.

Powered Toothbrushes

We bought two  powered toothbrushes for our Burritos last week.  I was cleaning our bathroom closet when  my son saw the  old  powered toothbrushes that they had.  He told me that he wish he could use them again so  we bought them new ones.

On the other note, my son is having his   molars at the bottom  so he is having a rough time during night time.  I hope that the teeth will come through so  his agony would stop already.
Shadow Shots

Friends Back Home

I was blog hopping last night and  read an article that  gave   tips on how to  save on ibanez at guitar center . Ibanez always reminds me of a  friend who has an Ibanez last name.  She's a very close friend even when we were going through our graduate degree.  I had so much fun memories with her and our other  classmates in Grad school especially during Christmas time as we always  gather together and  had Christmas Carols  to our Professor's homes.  The money that we  gathered from that  group effort were used to donate to the less fortunate kids in the neighboring barangay that we chose.  Most of my friends back home are now married as well and enjoying their  career and family life.  Some  have finished the grad school but some  did not.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sparkling Juice Cocktail from Welch

We were not able to attend my husband's graduation rites as it was  raining so hard that day so we just did  a little celebration at home.  We bought two bottles of  non-alcoholic beverage, the Welch  sparkling juice cocktail.  The kids thought it was fancy that we let them use the  wine glasses and they offered a toast and  said "Cheers" lol.

These juice cocktails are good for  entertaining friends at home.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Savvy Gifts for Dads and Grads

With Father's day   coming  and graduation   is going on in ever school, I am sure that most of you are scouting around for  gift ideas.  If your love ones are into cool gadgets, then I highly recommend   browsing the  product selection at  Speck,   a company founded by a group of California Engineers.  They have great selection  for any type of protective  covering for any gadgets.  I received  a  Wanderfolio protective tri-fold iPad case and am HTC One Smartflex  View Black Core 2 Packaging  from them to review.

The  HTC One Smartflex View   is flexible and it has a  durable construction which makes it easier for you to put it on and take it off easy.  Its features of  includes:
  1. Hands Free Viewing - it has a sturdy stand  that lets you prop your phone in both portrait  and landscape orientation, perfect for  skyping and  watching yiur moviews  in netflex, or whatever you want to do.
  2. Retractable Stand - the retractable stand snaps back into the case neatly so you don't have to worry about snagging  it as you slide it in and out of your pocket.
  3. It has a rubberized cover shield volume buttons.
  4. The raised edges will help protect the screen from impact when you accidentally drop it.

This photo isn't mine
The  Wanderfolio  protective tri-fold iPad case has a hide away pocket where you can safely  store your  passport, maps, credit cards, or money.  This is a perfect gift that you can get for  Dads  and grads who are frequent travelers or even for yourself.  The leather provides padded protection and it also has an integrated magnets which activate the iPad sleep/wake function.  
This photo is not mine
The Wanderfolio case fits Ipad 2,3, and 4.  Feature includes:

  1. Six handy-dandy, hideaway pockets. Documents, passport, credit cards, treasure map. Stow them away with your iPad.
  2. Instant On/Off. Open WanderFolio iPad cover and—voila!—your iPad wakes up. Close it, and your iPad goes to sleep.
  3. Infinite viewing angles. Vertical? Horizontal? Halfway between? There are no limits, here. Place your iPad at any angle you want.
  4. Bump-proof bezel. Because accidents happen, the WanderFolio puts a raised bezel around your iPad. If you drop it, the bezel can take the brunt of the impact—instead of your screen.
  5. All-around protection, even buttons. From top to bottom—even the Power and Volume buttons—the MagFolio's got your iPad covered.
  6. Elegant, minimalist design. The perfect complement to your iPad 2, iPad 3 or iPad 4, the WanderFolio case presents clean lines and soft curves, all in an easy-on-the-eyes design.
  7. Smooth-close tab. Close the WanderFolio cover with a satisfying click, thanks to the smooth-close tab and its stealth-stitched magnet.

Thank you so much Speck for giving me an opportunity to work with you and try your highly innovative products.

Disclaimer:  I received the above-mentioned products for FREE in exchange of  an honest review.  NO monetary compensation was received in facilitating this review.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Steamed Cleaning the Carpet at Home

Saturday and Sunday were the busiest days for us last week.  We went to  Memorial Baptist Church  on Saturday  morning for my  daughter's piano rehearsal then we headed to Eat n' Park for breakfast.  After  eating, we dropped by at  the store and looked for some  patio furniture selection.  Then we came home and changed  and went to Starvaggi pool for the kids   to enjoy the warm weather  in the pool.  We spent about 2 hours straight from there  then we came  home.

Hubby was in the mood to clean so he steamed vac our carpet, he spent a good while shampooing and scrubbing it.    I know that we should  steam our carpet more often but when you have kids who are very active and wants to do things with you all the time, it is a challenge.  We keep it clean by vacuuming  2 or 3 times a week though because our dogs sheds a lot so I constantly run the vacuum.  Hubby wishes that a company like Green Choice Carpet Cleaning can come to our house and do the job (lol).  Kidding aside, Green Choice uses cleaning product that  are natural and organic, hence very safe for families, business, and for mother nature. They are a New York based  company so if you are near the area and want to hire  a team to clean your rug, this is the perfect time as they have a 15% offer for cleaning  couch, mattress, rug, and carpets.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Visa Gift Card from Industrial Scientific

My husband got the  month of May  award in his company.  Every month, they have to submit suggestions on how the company will do  better cost-wise and  in serving  the customers   doing  certain things.  The   boss  chose his ideas for the month of May and he got  a $50 Visa Gift Card.  We can use this to do a little shopping during our travel next week!

My Father's Lighter

Whenever I see a lighter  like one of those xikar lighters, it always reminds me of my father  especially now that Father's day is coming.  I used to ask my father to quit smoking but he said that it was really hard to do it.  I am not sure if my mother kept his  Zippo lighter but he was very fond of it.  There are so many things that I regret not telling my father when he was still around and I always wish that I could turn back time.  I never got to tell him  how much I care for him, not verbally anyway.  I hope that when he looks down from there, he knows how much I love him!


Victorious Smile!

She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

God bless y'all!

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