Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dance Vs. Playing Music Instrument

My daughter used to  take ballet lessons from a local dance  company here  but she   stop even before   doing the first recital.  She said that she isn't learning anything lol.  I am glad that she did because I felt like the place was just a  money pit.  I did not see any progress or development to our  daughter considering the amount we were paying for every month.  

I wish that they could  raise their standard like the ones  that  you get from the  ballet classes in los angeles.  It would be worth the money. We did not regret our decisions  though because now, she love  playing  piano more than ever.  Dance was not her calling but playing   music instrument such as piano is.

1 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:

jo-anne said...

My daughter loves dancing but there's no ballet school near our place. *sad

It's nice to hear that she loves playing piano, such talented daughter you have.


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