Monday, November 14, 2016

Artistic Desktop Organizer #ShopletReviews

Having an organized desk is a must for me.  I can't seem to think straight when my  desk is piled up with things like papers and other things.  This is sometimes a big  issue when my kids are using my  desk because  they are so messy.  They are learning how to be organized now because I show them  the example of working easily without things laying around in the  working space/area.    "A cluttered space is a cluttered mind (at least for me)", I always  tell them.
I love this lift-top desk  pad that I got from Shoplet.  It has a non-glare  surface that reduces  reflection.  What I love the most is that, it has a protractor and inch and metric rules so  if you want to mark a paper that you want to cut it is easier.  Let us admit it, no matter  how we try to keep our things in our desk, kids tend to use it and  leave it somewhere ( that drives me crazy).  
This Artistic desktop organizer has a cushioned writing surface for comfort and the clear overlay keeps papers in view, as you can see, the photos are visible clear. I also love the fact that it has a durable and washable surface so maintaining it clean is not an issue.
The protractor feature  reminds me of my highschool days when I took my drafting classes.  This desktop organizer could have been helpful.  My  daughter is very intrigued with the protractor.  Anyway, you can buy this desktop organizer  through the link I have provided above.  
I don't have to worry about my  bills  getting lost as I  put them under the lift-top desk pad.  I wish I can win the lottery so I can pay off the mortgage and enjoy life without big bills such as this one.  
Shoplet is a one-stop shop ans e-tailer for all your need in your home office or business.  They have  Office Supplies,   Medical SuppliesCleaning Supplies and many more.  You can check out Shoplet's social media outlets: FacebookTwitterPinterest/Blog, and Youtube.  

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. I was provided with the product/s mentioned to help me facilitate this review but opinions are my own.


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