Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Art of Shaving

Ivory Fusion Razor Blade
A lot of people don't think very hard about their razors. They use them to scrape the beards off their faces in the morning and get on with their lives. However, there are substantial differences between different razors, and there are three things that are unfortunately lacking from many razors on the market. These things are easy to identify, and some companies are starting to reflect this. For the time being, it is mostly reflected in the high-end market, such as The Art of Shaving razors, but hopefully we will see an upswing in quality in the future.

The first thing many razors overlook is the importance of grip. Many razors come with narrow grips that provide very little support for the blade. A more robust grip allows for more control from the user while they shave. Naturally, this is an absolutely good thing, but depressingly, most manufacturers neglect the importance of it.

Next is the use of lubrication. Lubrication is important because it allows the razor to glide more easily over skin and hair, and most razors use it to some degree. However, not all razors are created equal in this regard. A razor with better lubrication will allow for a smoother shave all-through, and it will wear down instead of gumming up. When lubrication is a focus, it will work well with the shaving cream or gel that its user employs instead of being redundant with it.

Finally, more razors should be designed with flexible heads. Razors from the Art of Shaving are designed with meticulously-tensed springs to actuate the heads of the razors from, which is a good move. This allows users to more precisely control the blades on their face, much in the same way a more robust handle does. However, too many razors are still made with stiff heads, which make it harder to control the razor precisely as well as making it much easier for the blade to dull as a result of a poor angle against the skill. It's very possible to get this right, so there's no reason not to.

These ought to be the basics of any good men's razor. Slowly but surely, we are seeing a move toward improving the designs of razors on the general market. For the time being, however, the best bet for a man looking for a good shave is to rely on a good razor from a good company. 

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Jessica Cassidy said...

I shaved my legs at least once a week or else I feel uncomfortable when the hair starts to grow back. Thank you for the helpful tips Sis, greatly appreciate them :-)


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