Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nike Shoes

 This is what I got for  my husband's birthday, a new pair of Nike shoes.  I was going to buy him a belt also but  we couldn't find the one that he likes.  This was  on a discounted price but still cost  above forty dollars.  Nike is a really good shoes for ruNNing.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Slow Cooker

This is one of the  gifts that my husband gave me for Christmas.  I have used this  a couple of times making pot roast and stew.  This slow cooker is a good addition in my kitchen.  A friend of mine gave us a slow cooker before but I have never used it as it was very small.  It would be good for a college student who lives in a dorm so I sent it to my sister.
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Honeymoon Guitar

Every time I see a guitar, it always reminds me of  my husband and our honeymoon.  We bought a guitar when we spent our  honeymoon in Cebu, Philippines but unfortunately, I couldn't bring it  in the US when I came here.  When we visited the Philippines, we were going to bring it back here but the said guitar was already broke.  Me and my husband  were heartbroken because  that was one of our  memorable remembrance.  So looking at the ibanez artwood on guitars really  brings back  great memories and at the same time disappointment that our guitar was ruined.  Hubby said that maybe, we could replace it with a new one, if given a chance to purchase it someday.

Birthday Surprises

Gifts galore...

We did not have a party at home for our son's birthday because he had classes.   He thought that he won't get any gifts   except from us but he was wrong.  Friends and family remembered his  birthday. Below is the Monster truck that Lolo and Lola  gave him.  Thanks a lot to the Fancher's, you guys are awesome!
We had a surprise visit from my sister-in-law  a couple of weeks ago.  She brought us  a pan of monkey bread and her birthday gift for Mr. Burrito.   I also thought I should buy cakes online to help celebrate his birthday.

Mr. Burrito's hands were itching to spend his birthday money and this  is what he bought, a foldable train truck for his trains.  Now he has  three big train truck but  it's down at the basement and he wanted a small one so he could play with his trains upstairs.
We also would like to thank Dias and Howells' families for adding  a delight to our son's 6th birthday.
Do you see the General  Store sign on the lumber Jax?
 Thank you so much guys!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Forever and Ever

We went to the mall  last weekend and found some deals on clothes.  We bought our daughter  three of these Forever & Ever  clothes.  They were on sale for $3.67 each which is really cheap.  They were originally priced at $9.99.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Learn How to Choose a Good Beer Club

Do you ever want to experience specialty brands of beer other than the types that you can buy in the grocery store or at your local restaurants? Do you want to have a few guests over but you don’t know what type of beer everybody likes to drink? If you want to give your friends or loved ones a great gift, then you should sign them up at an online beer club.  There are award winning brews that will be shipped to your home every month so you can taste some of the best beer that is made all around the country.

 What Type of Beer Do You Like to Drink? 
There are many things you can do to determine what type of beer you like to drink. You can always go to your local bar and try the different types of nationally known brews that are available or you can go to a restaurant where they may have a few award winning brews you can sample. However, this can be costly for you if you want to try to find a new beer to drink when your friends or family members come over. You can sign up online to join a club that allows you to sample many types of beverages at an affordable price. 

 Read Reviews Online 
If you want to make sure you are joining a legitimate club online so you can sample new brews from around the world, then you should read online reviews of what other customers have to say. You will find out quickly if a certain club is a scam or not. However, you can rest easy knowing that when you had over to Clubs Galore that you find legitimate online beverage and food clubs that you can join and enjoy on a monthly basis. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Extra Fancy Calrose Rice from Botan

I don't know if there's a truth to this "Extra Fancy" line that Botan brand uses for their  Calrose rice but we buy it anyway.  This 20 lbs  bag of rice costs  almost $18 at Walmart.  I grew up eating rice and I find it weird that when I don't eat  rice for a day, I get such a massive headache.  Not sure what's the connection but it does,  so we have cooked rice everyday at our home.  

When I first came here in the States, I was very shocked how expensive rice  is.  When I left my country  eight  years ago, a 50 kilos sack of rice would cost like 1,500 pesos which is about $30 dollars and that was when  the exchange rate of dollar to peso was 1 to 50.  When the President got re-elected the rate of dollar went down from fifty to 39 at the present.  To estimate the cost and content of the rice, five bags of this 9.07 kilos of rice here is way too expensive compared to the price of a 50 kilos rice over there.  Oh well...

Natural Bedding

We filed our tax returns   last week and we would get back a good amount  just enough to pay off one of our remaining loan from last year.  We are trying to figure out what we are going to do with the  extra.  Our choices would be to allot the money for our project of  turning our dining room into a bedroom or buy a new  living room set as the one we currently have is getting wore out.  Whatever we would come up with, I hope it's for the best.

I  was looking at the selection of   sofa beds at Futonz website and they have  quite a few that I like.     They also have a wide selection of   bed frames and other bedroom products such as mattresses, bedside tables, bed bases and more. With so many stores offering  different kinds of bedroom furniture and accessories, it is tough to find the right one but Futonz stand out for me because  they offer natural bedding which is very important for me as I have kids at home.   As parents, we always  prioritize what is best for our kids and natural bedding is a great choice for them!  You can check out  the above mentioned website's selection by visit any of the links I have provided above.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I received these two cases of flavored drink from Omega3Water to try and review.  Omega3Water drink is developed to enhanced health, it is packed with vitamins and nutrients which earned it's title, Natural Health Defender.
I love drinking water and I certainly liked these two flavor that they sent me, the Bold Berry and the Orange Kiwi.  My husband likes the Bold Berry, he drinks it after his workouts.  I like the Orange Kiwi.  These drinks is better than  Pop or any kind of soda.  This water is infused with Omega-3, Vitamins A, B3,5, 6, 12, and Vitamin C.  I would buy this kind of drinks again in the future, once my supply is out.

We  gave some of these to our neighbor who  is very grateful as he is a  health conscious fanatic!  I told them to check out Omega3Water in  Facebook as they want to  find out more about the company.

Disclaimer:  The products  mentioned above were given for FREE in exchange of an honest review.  There is no monetary compensation involve in this article.  Opinions expressed is 100% mine.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Educating Children about Drugs and Alcohol

I always tell my kids, even in their very young age that  using  drugs and alcohol is not good for them.  My husband and I always explains to them  the consequences of using  prohibited drugs.  We give them example so that they  have a concrete example of what  will happen if you get hooked into drugs and alcohol abuse.  There  are a lot of drug abuse rehab  out there but  preventing it to happen is the key.  I hope that when they grow up, we can guide them in the right path so they'll be okay.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hello everybody. It's been a long time since I posted on this blog. This used to be my blog but I neglected it so my wife took over hahaha. She asked me to write about this one because I am the one using the product.
With another birthday just around the corner, I decided to take action against the noticeable decline in my overall well-being.  As I approach middle age like a ship heading for an iceberg, the urgency to take  corrective action builds.

Regulat – Organic Whole Food ConcentrateI am so glad that my wife luckily worked with someone who  works with Regulat.  She was given a  full box of this product.    It made me realize that I needed to attack the problem from a different angle.  Even with the dietary improvements I have made over the past few years, I needed something more.  Let's face it, even the so-called healthy foods being sold today are lacking the levels of nutrition that our bodies need for optimum performance and overall health.  Regulat was created to restore the balance, detox the body, and allow us to enjoy a healthier way of life.  
I started supplementing my diet with Regulat a couple weeks ago and have already noticed a major difference in how I feel.  One of the first signs of improvement was in my sleep.  I sleep much better now and the stiffness that I used to experience when I rolled out of bed in the morning is gone.  It is so nice to get out of bed in the morning without the cracking and popping noises coming from my joints.

My workouts are improving, my blood pressure is in check, and I haven't had any aches or pains in a while.  In a nutshell, I feel better than I have in years.   This stuff is for real.
Disclaimer:  I received the  product mentioned above for FREE and   opinion being expressed here is based from my own experience.  I was not compensated to write this review.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Online Shopping Convinience

Shopping online for the things that you need is very convenient isn't it?  You can buy just about anything online  nowadays.  From linear bearing to  car accessories, you name it.  I mostly shop for clothing online as it is hard for  us to shop in the store with a very active 6 year old boy.  I also like the fact that  most of the stores nowadays have an online  outlet as well.  Sometimes they do offer  deals that are not  offered in a physical store so that is a big bonus.  How about you, what's your take about online shopping?   

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Seabuck Wonders

I never really have any beauty regimen  even when I was still single.  I tried to use a couple of products but it just irritates my skin so I  stopped trying.  But since I am turning  4-0 this year,  I am giving this line of product from Seabuck Wonders a try since they sent me a whole package for free in exchange of review.  They sent me Skin care products and supplements.

So far I like it because it is not giving my skin any reaction.  I love the lotion, the facial cleanser, the facial cream, and  hydrating serum.

Seabuck Wonders is the first company that  brought Sea Buckthorn products to the US.  They uses Sea Buckthorn berries  that are exclusively harvested from the pristine Tibetian Region.  Sea Buckthorn has numerous  life-giving nutrient, the Omega-7.   You may check them out on Facebook.
The Sea Buckthorn Supplement  that they sent me includes:
  • Oil Blend Omega-7 Complete Softgels - Powerful antioxidants and immune support.  Good for skin, gastrointestinal, heart and liver health.
  • Berry Oil  - Cell member nurturing.  It's good for dental and gum health.
  • Seed Oil - Powerful antioxidant and immune support.  Good for cardiovascular  and liver health.
The Sea Buckthorn Skin Care Line includes:
  • Facial Cream - supports a healthy moisture balance deep within the skin.  It nourishes and rejuvenates and enhances skin tone and texture.  I usually use this after   taking a shower.
  • Body Lotion - rejuvenates and replenishes the skin's natural balance  softening and nourishing for silky touchable skin.   I love it's mild scent and it  fixes  the dry skin that I always have during winter times.
  • Exfoliating Facial Cleanser -Cleans the skin gently, yet effectively.  It gently exfoliates to remove dirt and impurities.  It detoxifies the skin to enhance  its tone and texture.  I like using this right before I go to bed.
  • Deep Hydrating Serum - Replenishes and rejuvenates the  skin.  I gently massage this to my face right after I clean it with the  facial cleanser.

Sea Buckthorn or the "The New Miracle Berry" has been featured at Dr. Oz's show three times so you might have seen this on television.   I can honestly say that  in my  one month of using this  skin care products,  my face feels like  younger and fresher.

Here's a quick shot of me  after I took a shower and massaged the serum on my face.  I feel  fresher and my skin looks smoother than before.

Disclaimer:  I received the  products above for FREE in return of my honest review.  There's no monetary compensation for this review.  The opinion being expressed is 100% mine.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Mount TV on the Wall

Now that  my son knows how to read and use the remote, he competes with her sister when they want to watch different  hows at the same time.  Nobody wants to watch TV at the basement because it's cold down there so they vie for remote upstairs.  Anyhow, did I tell you that my husband   wants to remove the entertainment center at our living room and wants to mount tv on wall instead?  I like the idea as it will give us more space but I just don't like the fact that I will  be losing the space where I put  the photos and other displays.  Let us see what we will come up in the coming months.  


Victorious Smile!

She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

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