Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gucci Watch

My husband  gave me this  Gucci watch as a birthday gifts when I was still living in my country.  I love wearing it which you can tell because it has few scratches already.    After  10 years the battery died so I will need a  battery replacement for it.  

When it comes to giving gifts, my husband is the generous one.  I  don't really give expensive gifts such as this as I can't afford it lol.  Hubby believe that when you give a gift, the receiver should be proud of it.  I agree with him but when you can't afford it, the practical items  that a person can use is enough, after all I do believe that "It's the thought that counts".  

History of America

United States  is a place where a lot of foreigners wants to live in.   There are  many opportunities here and that's one of the many reasons why immigrants come here  even  back in the days.  I am learning about the history of  America as I  get ready  for my  upcoming interview and  I am learning  interesting facts.  Immigration is one  big  process that a lot of immigrant like me has to  go through.  The sad part is, most of us who come here legally has to spend  time and money in order to attain  our citizenship.  Some immigrant  are illegal and  their citizenship  has been granted to them its because they live here for so long that they do not need to go through the long immigration process.  Lucky for them and not for us but I am proud to say that we are doing it  the right way.  Anyway, if you're a US citizen and planning to immigrate somewhere like Turkey, this website can help you with the process .  I have a friend who is married to foreigner from that country and she finally got her citizenship after a long wait.  

Halloween Costumes

I was not fortunate enough to get  costume for reviews but glad that I got some good deals out of the costume that my kids wanted for Halloween.  My son  wanted this Michael Jackson military costume
I also bought him this Afro  head piece/wear for $11.92.

 I also that is what I bought.  It cost $2.90

For my daughter, she  liked this  Asian Princess costume.  It cost $14.32 and the Asian Fan for $1.90.

Overall, I paid $37.94 including shipping and handling fee.

Diamond Ring

When  hubby and I got married for the second time, he gave me this set of diamond  ring.

It is a set because it has a guard ring,  I usually just wear the  main ring because it is simply elegant but I do agree that the set is beautiful.

When hubby told me how much this cost, I almost passed out lol.  My wrinkly  fingers does not really  deserve such an expensive ring but I am so happy I have one.  Diamonds are women's best friend right?

I remember when I lost this  once.  I always put it in my  computer table when I take them off and one day, I was horrified when I couldn't find it.  My son thought it was one of the  rings that her sister has so  he put it in the pile of things that we are going to sell in a garage sale.  I felt so relieved when I found it there and told my  son not to mess with it again.  I also learned  a valuable lesson not to put  a valuable item in my computer desk.  It was totally my fault and no one else but me to blame  for it.  I keep it in a secure place now and just  take it out when I want to wear it. 


Victorious Smile!

She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

God bless y'all!

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