Monday, July 13, 2015

Unauthorized Purchases and Our Resting Place When We Go

When "Santa"  decided to give each of our kids an iPod, I was against it because I know that it could pose a problem.  But since "Santa" said that it  can help  the kids' creativity, I went with it.  I told "Santa" that whatever games is in the iPod that it should be what they will play because I don't want additional purchases.  However, on special occasion, hubby would reward the kids and buy them a game like  $1.99 which is okay as it doesn't cost much.  I have noticed that my son  is getting so addicted playing these games that I started to  limit his  use of the iPod.

 The day before Father's Day, my fear came true.  I  got so many  notification from iTunes of game purchases.  I alerted my husband  so we  talked to our son and he admitted  downloading the games  thinking that they were free.  The charges   otaled to $142.20 I was upset but my husband was quiet.  He said that he would pay for it since it was him who  showed our son how to do app  on his iPod.  As a Mom who does all the budgeting in our household, that was not okay for me.  I contacted  iTunes and informed them that all those purchases  are unauthorized.  They agreed to refund  us the money and my husband was very shocked that I managed to get it back.

As a result, we  confiscated our son's Ipod and he is not allwed to play  with it  for the rest of the summer.  We told himm that if he  does good in school, he can get it back  by New Year.  He was okay with it and understood that what he did was wrong.  It turned out to be the best  decision because he became  more creative again, playing with his   other toys like the lego and other things.  On the first day of this month, I got another  charged for $22.20m ugh.  IT was the same date as the  other purchases, tried to contact them again but to no avail.
Another  issue I had with unauthorized purchases/charges is my paypal card.  I had multiple  attempts of charges from GNC in California but it never went thru since I did not authorized  them.  Another charge was from Utah, they bought something from Overstock.  These transactions are freaking me out which  make  me want to close my paypal card.  I just don't understand how they could use the card, do they just randomly  put  numbers to see if it works?  It's scary.

On another note, we decided to purchase 4 grave plots at St. Paul Cemetery.  It might be a bit odd to you  but this is something that my husband and I talked about for a long time.  It's funny too because  we are thinking of moving to my former country  to retire although our kids are against it.
But anyway, we  chose this cemetery because it is very well maintained.  My husband's family members who have  passed already are buried in another cemetery.  Hubby said that his parents purchased a plot for him there but  since his other  brother have passed, they used it for him.
Buying your own grave is something that not a lot of people do.  Even the caretaker of the cemetery told us that we are  too young to be purchasing grave plots.  Our thing is,  we never know what our future holds  so it is  better to be prepared.  Below is the place where our reserved plots are.
The good thing is, if we decide to move, we can sell these to other people who needs it.
It cosat $900 per plot and we have to pay 10% upon signing the paper.  The rest is payable  within 12 months at $270 monthly.    


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