Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Writing Starts with Pentel #Shoplet

I received 8 Pentel Pens and Pencils  from Shoplet to review.  Shoplet have sent me the following:

  • 2 Liquid Gel Ink, Needle Tip 0.5
  • 4 Liquid Gel Ink, Metal Tip 0.7
  • 1 Pentel Twist Erase GT 0.7
  • 1 Pentel Twist Erase GT 0.5

My daughter  immediately asked me if I have a mechanical pencil when I open the package.  She  love the Twist Erase Pencil in sketching   the  fur babies from the book that she recently bought. I wish that  I could have had one of this when I was taking drafting subject in High School.  It's not that I love to draw but I could have given it to the guy who was doing all my   drawing  to be submitted to our teacher lol.  Anyhow, each of this mechanical pencil only cost $4.55 so if you  love to draw, this is the ideal one to use because you won't deal with the smudges or paper tear when using this pencil.  
I am loving my new office pens in different colors.  My kids are very proud when they present us their test papers with no mistakes so this  pens will be  the perfect to use when signing their papers.  This would last me a year now.  I love  using them when writing checks as well.  I no longer have an office job but it doesn't mean that I can't use fancy  pens when  doing my job at home like writing checks for the bills and  of course in signing my children's  perfect scored test papers.    
Here are the different colors of  the awesome pens they sent me.
Shoplet have everything that you need for your business and home  including office supplies, office stationary,  promotional products, promotional shirts and many  others.  Thank you so much again Shoplet!

Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.


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