Friday, January 24, 2014

Secret Shopping

I forgot  to blog about this but this is the set up when the school is having the Secret Santa Shop.  Most of these are donations from patrons of the school as their way of helping school funds.    Since most items are donations, the prices are   lower than the prices from the store which is   fun for the kids because even though they  only have $5, they can buy few items with it.

I think this year, I  will volunteer  to help in setting  up, it would be fun.  Last year, I only helped during the  selling process.

Body Aches

You might have noticed that I am late reciprocating with my online   visits and that is because I haven't been feeling well   for  four days now.  I  have a cold and my nose is so raw already from too much wiping and  stuff arrghh.  My body is so sore which I wish I could book a massage and have a relaxing  hour or two.  That would be  real nice.   I have been sleeping in the  sofa for   few nights now because I did not want my husband to get sick because of me.
Be safe everyone, the weather is too frigid  so  make sure to bundle up when you go out.   The other day when I walked my kids to school, it felt like my fingers are  going to come off.  It was  bitter out there.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

House of Doolittle from Shoplet

Part of my goal this year is to be able to track down our fiances, write every event that we are going to undertake, and take notes of important appointments and school activities.  I am so glad that Shoplet, once again have provided me the tools that I can use to help me achieve some of my goals this year.  They sent me a desk calendar and a business planner.

I love the  Business Planner because not only you can jot down your schedules but you can also track down your weekly  expenditures.  You can record your expenses everyday for  meals, parking, gas, and other things.  That is  so clever that they include that in the planner.  Granted that I am not a business owner but I can still use it as my family is my "business".  I need to really  trackdown our expenses so we won't go over budget.  You can buy this for $13.22.

I also love the Monthly desk pad  2014 Calendar because I get to  schedule my kids activities.  It is also perfect as I widened up my working space.  I love that it has a large section ruled for notes and the spaces for every date is big enough to  list down your events, appointments, and other important notes that need to be remembered.  You can buy this for $6.90.

So once again, Shoplet has provided me the  essential things that makes my everyday schedule as a Mom a lot easier.  If you ever need some Promotional Products like Promotional shirts or  Office Stationary, go to Shoplet as they are complete with Office Supplies from different companies.  Thank you Shoplet and House of Doolittle!

Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions being expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Super Hero Undies

We bought our son another set of  undies.  This time, they were  boy shorts kind and  the design are super heroes.  Hey, hey, look what I saw, these are imported from the Philippines, a big plus for us.

These were on sale when we bought it.  My son i-s very  fond of using this.

Guitar Effect Pedal

If you want to  have the Zvex Effects in playing your guitar, you  should get a guitar effect pedal.  According to professional guitar players, this makes the sound even better.  I am slowly encouraging my husband to  play  bass guitar again maybe it would influence our son to be interested in  playing one too.  He is  considering about it so I am trying to save  little by little so I can buy him one.  It  not be right away but hopefully soon.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Children's Clothing from #Macy's & #Sears

I found some really good deals on children's clothing at Macy's and Sears before Christmas so I grabbed the opportunity to get my kids the following.  The kids love what they got them.  Glad it fit them  well even though we shopped without them.  

My son is growing like a weed. At the  beginning of this year, we bought him four new  Levis jeans that we found on sale but  those are already  short now.  I told my husband, I ain't buying  Levis no more because he outgrown them so fast.  
THese served as  some of our gifts to them during Christmas.
Have a Happy New Year Shoppers.  We are done shopping for the year 2013 and will start saving for the coming year.  Hopefully 2014 will bring us  good opportunities.

Teen Boy Room Makeover Ideas!

PADDINGTONBy the time a boy reaches his teens he will have well and truly grown out of his childhood room. His room will need to reflect his new interests and tastes and his transition into manhood. Engage your teenage boy in the makeover process. A good way to get started is to browse through some interior design magazines for some inspiration. Also check online at to see what kind of furnishings he might like.

Out with the Old

Before you even begin attempting a makeover in your teen boy’s room you need to clean it out. Chances are the room will be full of junk accumulated over many years of habitation. The best way to undertake this project is to take everything out. That may sound drastic but generally speaking drastic action is often called for in de-cluttering teenage boy’s rooms.

The Bed

Often a teenage boy will want to move from his single or bunk beds into a double bed. Most likely he is growing too big for his small bed and if it has a thin mattress it is probably no longer adequate for his growing frame. Having enough room for a double bed could be an issue if the room is small, so try measuring the space and see what it will look like with a larger bed in it. You can always place the bed right up against the back wall. Let him choose a new doona design too, something to match his teenage status.

Storage Components

While storage is important in every room, nowhere is it more important than in the room of a teen boy. Good storage options will make the difference between a teen boy’s room and a pigsty. Add shelves inside built in cupboards and take them right up to the ceiling to ensure full use of cupboard space. You might like to install shelving on the walls and add some storage boxes under the bed. Giving your teen boy a place to put everything is helping him learn to take care of his space and live a clutter free life.


Work with your teen boy to find a colour that he is happy to live with. Blues and greens are really popular with teen boys. Encourage him to add in blasts of colours in accessories, a bright orange poster or rug for example. Encouraging boys to experiment with colour helps free them from stereotypical dark hues.

A Hang Out

Your teenage boy will most likely want to spend time in his room, alone or with friends, just hanging out. Throw some bean bags around the room, something to sit on while playing the X-Box.

Add His Interests

If your teen boy is a keen surfer consider mounting an old surf board to the wall for a cool piece of artwork. Or if skateboarding is his thing, then maybe use a skateboard deck as a wall decoration. Whatever his interests are, try and incorporate them into the d├ęcor of the room.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Gloves

I found these set of gloves on sale at Macy's so I bought  one pack for my son.  It's an Epic Threads brand and my son loves them.  We walk everyday during weekdays from  my children's school to our home so these gloves keeps my son's hands warm when we walk going home.  These gloves cost $5.99.

My daughter got a new set as well.  A friend of ours gave this to her as a Christmas gift.

I always bundled up whenever I have to pick up my kids from school because I get cold very easily.

Lady in Red and Blue #DressFIrst

Having a daughter is such a special thing that every mother enjoys.  My daughter is only 8 but we get along  when it comes to choosing dresses  and other clothing.   I love the color red and she love the color blue.  Sometimes I get to pick the color and sometimes she wins with the choices. As young as she is, hubby and I always  talk to her like  an adult  because we  want her to understand things and believe me she   thinks like an adult in many things.  That's probably because of the way we are raising here.  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

HP Pavilion #TouchSmart #All-in-One

My husband knows that I needed a new  computer to do my online gig.  My old one was formerly  owned by my  Father-in-law , he used it to communicate with us when we were still in South Korea.  When we came back here in 2010, he gave it to me since hoe doesn't have any use  for it.  I was very grateful since the PC I was using when we were still overseas was getting old also.  

Anyway, my husband looked  online for good deals on PC but he did not find any so he took me to  Walmart to see if they have any there.  We were surprised to learn that  there's only two of them in the box.  They don't even have any on display.  Is this  an indication that  they are going to  terminate  desktop computers soon?  

We chose this HP Pavilion 23.  It cost $798.
  • It's a 23" touchscreen with AMD A6-6400k processor.  
  • It's 4GB system memory is way bigger than the one I  formerly have.  The  size of its hard drive is 1TB which is  really good.  
  • It also has a multi DVD burner with slim tray at the side.  
  • It has a built in WiFi.  
  • I like the wireless keyboard and mouse that came with it.  
  • It has one slot for  card reader, although it said that it is a 6-in-1, I haven't figured out how to use six.  Right now, I can only use the memory card of my   DSLR but not the  memory card for my point and shoot.  Hubby said that I might need to buy a adaptor for it.  
  • The Windows 8 is giving me a headache though.  I don't like it that it makes the  easy things more complicated, sigh.  
  • The thing that I don't like the most of this PC is the noise it makes, it triggers my migraine all the time.  


Victorious Smile!

She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

God bless y'all!

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