Monday, August 5, 2013

Keyless Locks

Whenever we go somewhere, I always rely on my husband to take the keys.  I grab  everything else   except the keys.  It would be nice to have one of those Keyless Access Locks so I don't have to carry the heavy keys in my purse.I think it is really  dandy if you will just use your fingerprint to open  your home door isn't it?  How about you,what do you think of keyless  locks?

Truck is Sold!

After a week of posting  the truck for sale in this blog, we got a call  of an interested buyer.  He asked my husband about the details and told us that he was coming over the weekend to see it.  We waited but he did not come.  A few days later, a passer by  who lives  close to our place stopped by, knocked on our door and asked  about it.  Hubby talked to him for a while, he  test drove it around the neighborhood, he offered half the price of what we are asking for and  hubby said yes.  I was a bit disappointed that hubby did not bargain back but glad that it was   got sold out.

Here's my daughter when we were cleaning out the truck.
My husband spent  around almost $800 for that truck a couple of months ago so the new owner  is lucky.  At least now, I don't have to pay for its insurance anymore. Besides, it was still better from the price that the  garage where we bought our  van is willing to pay us.  When they told us that they will give us $500 for it, hubby and I said that we will just sell it ourselves.  So glad to see it go.

Cabinet Latches

I am glad that the medicine cabinet that we bought  has a built in latches.  It secures all the medicines in place.  I remember when my kids were still little, we used to  put  safety locks on every  cabinet door especially where the cleaners are because they love to dig into it.  Time flies and my kids are now getting bigger.  Sometimes it makes me  sad because I  miss the times when they were little and full of innocence.  Now that they are big, I can't say No without them counter asking, why, oh boy!

Cereal Bowl

We bought some new cereal bowl a couple of months ago.  They were on sale so we grabbed four of them.  The kids love the multi-colored one while  hubby and I chose the ones with leaves design.

We replaced the bowls that we  bought from Korea with these ones.

Top 3 Collectible Toys to Give to Young Lads

Giving gifts to young boys can sometimes be an onerous task. You could get him a cheap toy, maybe a game, or even a video console, but the problem with these items is that they have little sentimental value and will probably be discarded within a few months anyway. For something truly memorable, a collector’s toy that not only looks beautiful, but will also appreciate in value over time is a great investment. Many fond childhood memories are built around these collectible items, and by giving your young lad something he can cherish for years to come you will help build an unbreakable bond between the two of you. Knowing what kind of collectible to get him, however, can still be challenging. To make the task easier for you, we will here go over three of the best toy collectibles you can buy for boys.

Toy Horses
Remember when Red Rum won his record-breaking third Grand National title? Well, you’re not the only one. Toy horses have a sentimental value that is often attached to a specific time period. As such, they tend to make great investments. Toy horses of individual race winners are often only produced in limited quantities, meaning that years later those people who are nostalgic for their boyhood days will come looking for a particular toy horse that is associated with their earlier years. Besides, toy horses are great fun for boys and can even help them develop an interest in horseracing itself as they grow older.

Toy Guns
The idea of train robbers and cowboys is set deep in the imaginations of most young lads. Toy guns are great fun to play with, and in many instances the level of craftsmanship on these guns is truly astonishing. Furthermore, as toy guns are becoming less common of a gift nowadays, you can be assured that that increased rarity will lead to a greater appreciation in value in the future. Toy guns also come in a vast number of varieties, from pistols to light sabers, meaning your young boy’s collection can go on for many years to come.

Toy Lorries
Every young boy loves playing with his toy lorries, but the great news is that toy lorries also represent a smart investment for that boy’s future. Because many young boys grow up to become nostalgic for their lost youth, and in particular for those sunny days spent racing their toy lorries down the sidewalk, these items are becoming increasingly popular with collectors. Not only that, but a row of collectible toy lorries on a boy’s bedroom shelf looks beautiful and can really instill a sense of awe and wonder at their marvelous craftsmanship.
From horses to guns to lorries, there are so many collectible toys that one can get for a young lad. These toys are great for firing the imagination of a child, and also for investing in that child’s future. With so many men wanting to regain a link to their boyhoods, collecting toys will continue to be a worthwhile endeavor for both kids and adults alike.

John McKenzie has a passion for collectible toys. He enjoys sharing his insights through blogging.


Victorious Smile!

She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

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