Monday, December 24, 2012

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I saw this bag hanging on the wall during the Thanksgiving feast of the Kindergartners.  Love its floral pattern.
The checks are the earnings that I redeemed from two sites where I get a little extra incentive when I read their  email ads or participate on their other programs.  I signed up for another  one, you may want to check them out through the banner below.
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Pink Saturday

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Palmolive Soft Touch

This is my favorite brand when it comes to hand soap.  It suppose to have a Vitamin E with it and really soft on hands.

Have You Looked At The Timoteo Underwear And Intymen Underwear Lately?

As the summer approaches, it is hot in most countries. During this time, it is when you go out partying and swimming. It may either be at the beach, swimming pool or even at your back yard. To men, what do you wear during this time? Shorts or cool underwear that will make you look even more hotter than the sun? Well, through timoteo underwear and intymen underwear new designs, you can be the man every lady is looking at. The owner of this items stated that it has been always challenging to create and shoot fun images of these items but he things he is got it. 

There are various themes covered by timoteo underwear as well as intymen underwear that will keep you interested in them. Some of the themed designs are: 

  • The sexy look/theme 
  • Luxury mesh jock on the grass theme 
  •  Lastly, the new sport theme. 

All these themes are there for you when you are going to have a fun time at the beach. For example, you can get the new sport theme when you are going to the beach to play and have some good time. You can also go with the sexy look at the beach to make the girls go crazy. 

Intymen Underwear

The intymen underwear collection is a creative design for both the traditional and erotic pieces. The latest combination of C-rings, pouch enhancement hammocks and other latest trends, make this item one of the best in the market. 

This brand has featured many different designs that will not only leave you yeaning for one, but also make your woman crazy. Some of these varieties of designs are like:- 

  • Classic underwear briefs
  • Butt lifting boxers 
  • See me trough undergarments 

In other simple words, this brand’s collection goes from the traditional and classic; to the extreme and very sexy underwear. The technologies behind intymen underwear are:- C-ring contraptions,  Unusual enhancement and others.

 This line is inspired by the classics. However, it was given an edge to it that takes the garments to the next level. Through this brand, be sure to expect to find anything from thongs, boxers, briefs and see trough jocks underwear. 

 Timoteo underwear 

This is another brand that is known for their jocks and soccer briefs. Surely, timoteo has done impressive work on sexy, stylish and comfortable underwear. The thing that makes this band among the best is; any person can wear them no-matter the size or shape. 

All you have to do is find the best color and fit that impresses your eyes. Moreover, there are various styles and designs available from this brand name. Timoteo underwear is known because of two of their famous items. These items will fame your butt. A good example is the athlete jock brief, which is very impressive and very comfortable underwear. 


Why don’t you look good through these two brands names? Spend your summer wearing hot and attractable timoteo underwear and intymen underwear. Moreover, you can were them as your underpants

Friday, December 14, 2012

Flushable Wipes from Mangroomer

I was given two free products to try by Mangroomer. One is a Lady Groomer, flushable moist wipes that are specifically designed for women. The second one is the Mangroomer Bizwipes that is specially engineered for men.

  • The mangroomer bizwipes for men has an executive scent with Vitamin E and Aloe. It is hypoallergenic and alcohol and paraben free.
  • The Lady Groomer is a new one with the same  features as the  bizwipes for men.  
  • Both are dermatology tested and has 50 pieces of wipes in each pack.
I like my  lady groomer as it is ultra soft and it makes you keep fresh all day long.  

The above products are their newly created  products so they are  giving away fabulous prizes in their video contest.  Whoever can creatively create a video about the lady groomer and bizwipes will win large chunk of moolah.  Large amount of money isn't it?  So why not check out the details below.

If you think you are up to the challenge, sign up  below.
  • Video contest signup for MANGROOMER BizWipes entry is here.
  • Video contest signup for LADYGROOMER WomanWipes is here 

Good luck everyone!

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Disclaimer:  Products were given for  free in return of an honest review, no monetary compensation involve.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Men's Clothing Updates

While we often see advertisements for women's clothing, men are just as fashionable and want to know which looks are hot and trending right now. Some of the most popular menswear that men want to know about are wedding tuxedos, suits and workout clothing. Knowing what is in right now can help to save time and money when looking for that next outfit. 


Tuxedos are not something men wear every day as they tend to be saved for special occasions, but having a great tuxedo, especially a wedding tux, that is in right now can save you a lot of time and money. If you do got the rental route, you want to know what to pick up at the store to ensure that you are fashionable and looking your best. 

 You cannot go wrong with a basic black and white suit, where all pieces are black except the white shirt. Today, fabrics with a little sheen to them are very in. These also tend to be more comfortable which is really helpful at long black tie events since they give more and breathe easier. 

 Forget tails and top hats, stick with streamline tuxes with one or two button lapels this year. 


Most suits you find today can have you looking well put together and stylish. The importance is in the details. Your pleated pants should have vented pleats. This creates a cleaner look by preventing your shirt from coming out or bagging. Medium to darker gray suits have made a come back this season and will be around for a while – this is a great trend to try out if you are in the market for a suit. 

 A hidden pocket inside the jacket is always a good thing! This will prevent that wallet bulge in your back pocket. 

 Look at the stitching. It should be smooth and clean, there should not be any knots or imperfections so you know you are getting a good quality and well made suit. 

 Workout Clothing 

Workout clothes for men today are quite simple and are focused on comfort. Since they are so easy, this makes them naturally stylish. You want to start with a basic T-shirt made from airy material to keep you dry and comfortable. Champion seems to make the highest quality pieces for the money. 

 If you workout outside in the winter, you will need more than just a T-shirt to stay warm. For this, look for a waterproof jacket that has mesh vents. This will help to wick away sweat while keeping you at a comfortable temperature. Break away jackets and pants that turn into short sleeved pieces are a great way to get 2 for 1 (saving you time, money and sweat!) 

 Your shorts or pants should also be made of a synthetic material that prevents moisture. You also want lightweight materials so that you are not weighed down as you get through your workout. These should fit without being too tight. Think comfort.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


My husband doesn't like to go to a thrift store so  we seldom go there as a family.  I personally like going there because you get to see very unique stuff and they  are dirt cheap.  During the Veteran's day, the kids were off from school but the Veteran himself went to work.  So  we went for a walk at the neighborhood and decided to  go to Goodwill since it was on our way.  Me and my  daughter had a lot of fun  even  with occasional "pasaway" of the little man.

We got all of the above items for under fifty dollars which includes a very nice jacket and  skirt for my daughter, top and dress for me, lots of Christmas ornaments, work out CD, games for my kids, a candle holder that I  really love, and books for the kids.  Some of them are new and still new.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Special Program for Gifted Students

My daughter's teacher has recommended her for the special program at school. We attended a meeting with the Principal of the school and the Director of the Special Program for gifted students last Friday. They told us that our daughter has to take a series of tests and has to pass those tests in order to get accepted into the program. When my daughter came home today, she said that she took some parts of the test. She said that it was a bit harder than she expected, but she thinks she did good. I hope that she can pass all the tests so she gets into the program. Right now, she is getting bored with the stuff that they do in school, so I think the extra work that she will do in the special program would keep her busy.  The Director of the program told us that she is not only administering the program for gifted students but she also manages those students who need help or assistance with their studies. 

Ultra Guard

I bought this Ultra Guard Rid Flea and Tick shampoo for my dogs because  I noticed some crawling  on them when I give them  a bath.  So far, it's working great as I don't see  anymore on them after I  bathe them again last week.

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Victorious Smile!

She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

God bless y'all!

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