Monday, April 4, 2016

Closed Out Sale at KMart in Steubenville, Ohio

A friend told me that the KMart in Steubenville, Ohio is closing so all their  stuff are marked down to 70-80 percent.  I still have a Sear's gift card  that I   redeemed last December but wasn't able to use it so  I went there to see if I could find something that I would like.  Sear's bought  KMart so  Sears gift cards can be used in KMart as well.  It's been a couple of weeks since the closed out sale started so when we went there, half of the store stuff is already gone.  Half part of the store is already empty. 
 Here are the stuff that I bought.  The socks are 60 cents a pair so I got some for my daughter.
 I love this lace skirt, they are normally 20 bucks but I only paid like $5 for it.  The black skirt is also cute.
 My son is now 9 an he is very [articular with his hair now so I bought him this  hair gel.
 I love this sweater, it's a little bigger for me but small is the smallest size I could find so I got it since  I love the style.  It has zippers on each side at the bottom which makes it unique.
 I found my daughter some athletic wear.  She didn't like  when I showed it to her at the store but when she tried it on at home, she loved it!
 She loved this top.  It's a Spring and Fall  shirt.
 She also found this top which I thought was a hit small for her but she liked it so we bought it.
 A short for my son.
 I got this top for her, she also did not like this when I showed it to her but I bought it anyway.  I was going to send it to my niece in the Philippines but when we came home, she tried and ended up loving it.  I always find outfit that she doesn't like at first but I buy it anyway because I can see her loving it and I am always right with my intuition.
 She  never liked this shorts that I got for her last year but since it matches perfectly with the shirt, she  said she's going to wear it from now on lol.
When it comes to shopping, my daughter is my perfect  partner.  She is very patient and love to dig for stuff.  The boys, they don't want to shop with us lol.
 For the 20 pieces of stuff that I got, I only paid $28.01 for it.  I used the gift card  and my points in Shop Your Way Rewards as well.  IT was a nice  little thrift shopping trip that I did.  I wish we could have went there when they are just starting, I had stuff in mind to buy but they were all gone.
It is sad to see businesses closed for good but that's part of a business operation.  Sometimes closing  is for the best.  I feel bad for the  employees of this KMart, I hope that they find new employment somewhere else.  We seldom shop at that KMart because we have one in our area as well, that is where we shop  all the time.  

Notebook, Scissors, and Things to Do Hardcover Lined Notebook - Large Size with Magnetic ClosureBuying a  home is no easy task.  Ever since we came back from Korea, my husband has been looking  through houses for sale in the area.  At first I was against it because I became so attached with this first house that we bought but he has a valid point, that the kids are   getting bigger and that this  house  is getting smaller for us.  This year, I finally got on board with him and bought us another home.  Having said that, we are starting all over again so a checklist is  necessary. 

The first one is  the Sigel Hardcover Lined Notebook with Magnetic Closure.  This is the one I am using for all the schedules of things that we need to do including  trasfering or utitilities,  canceling  other services, and  so on and so forth.  I gave my husband the Sigel Softcover Lined Notebook with Elastic Closure.  Yup, he too  has checklist of his own as he has  things to do and so am I.  
These notebooks is part of the collaboration by Bindertek and Shoplet.  Bendertek has so many  great  ofice  organizers that I love including this Stacking Wood Desk Organizers Step Up File/Tray/Drawer Kit in  mahogany color.  It would be great addition to my  the office I will be having in the new home.  
Today, I started  packing our stuff  in poreparation to the  move I am dreading but I got to do it.  I got the perfect tool  in doing this, a Westcott carbotitanium scissors from Shoplet.  Oh boy, moving is no fun.  You never know how mu0ch stuff you got until you are moving.   I will be very  busy  with all the packing and  cleaning this month.  Hopefully, we won't run into bumps  and I am praying that the move will be smooth and  stress-free, which I doubt because I am already stressed out!
This Carbo Titanium Straight Scissors has carbo titanium bonded blades  that are  8 times harder than  untreated stainless steel blades.  Their patent pending process creates a permanent molecular bond with the cuting surface so the blades resists  scratches, marks and stains.  This scissors is suppose  to stay super sharp and smooth-cutting for years.  We will see how it will hold up but for now I am enjoying  its sharpness    with my packing.  
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