Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Angel Tree Topper

I won this Angel Tree Topper  at Listia for 499 credits.  I paid  $6  for shipping.

She is now sitting on top of our tree.

I was in agony with my menstrual cramp yesterday so I redecorated our Christmas tree while my kids were in school.  I had to do something when I  have  dysmenorrhea just so my mind  and busy will be busy and forget the pain for a while.  I am done decorating inside the house.  The only regret I have is that, I did not  took the chance  to  decorate our porch when the weather was  a bit   nice.  We are in one digit right now and it's bitter cold.
Shadow Shots

Tax Season

The year 2013 is almost over. The holiday season will be over soon as well and soon enough, it will be tax season again. I am sure that most of the cpa in north carolina will be getting ready to deal with different clients again.  After  Christmas, I will be gathering the necessary documents that hubby and I  needs in filing our taxes.  I just hope that  some of the places I work with online will send our tax papers on time.  It is always the one that is holding us up whenever it's time to do our taxes.  Let us see this t year, hopefully it's different.

Football Ball

Last year, one of the  gifts we got our son for Christmas is this ball.  He loves this ball, him and his Dad always  play  with it even inside the house.

This year, EJ bought his Dad tis ball for Christmas (Lol).  Payback?  Lol.

Hubby and I were laughing because it was more for him that for his Dad lol.  I love the message in it though.  Oh KIDS,, never a dull moment.

Blake Shelton - The Voice

Did you watch the  result of "The Voice" last night?  I am sad for  Blake Sheldon as his last artist got eliminated.  At the very beginning, I predicted that  Blake is not going to win this season because of the artists that he choose during the audition process.  That was nice of Blake  though because he gave his  artist a new guitar during his last performance.  I am not sure if it was a   seagull guitar ir what kind it was.  So even if he did not win, at least he has a  beautiful remembrance from Blake.

Christmas Gifts from My Son

This is what my son got me for  Christmas.  Yeah I know,  I already opened it just because my son insisted hahaha.  He also got one of this for his Dad.  

He also got me this Angel.

Thank you so much  Mr. Burrito, you're such a sweet  young man.  I hope you  stay that way, I love you Anak!

Kensie Eyewear

I like my new eyeglasses, it is not giving me   a headache whenever I uses it unlike the old one that I replaced.  What I liked about my old one though was that it had  also a prescription sunglasses  when I ordered it why is why it was expensive.  Too bad it wasn't   fit  to use anymore so I had to change it.  I am just glad that my husband's   job provides vision insurance so both hubby and I had our prescription eyeglasses for less.

My Kensie eyewear.  I only use this when I go out or I want to watch TV.  I can't use this when I am working on a computer because it makes my vision blurry.  The doctor have asked me if I want a bifocal one but I said no.

My Kids Went Shopping

Every year, the school hosts a Secret Santa Shopping for kids in  the school.  It's a way of teaching  the kids how to shop in a budget for  their loved ones.  We gave our kids  $20 each to shop.

They came home with the stuff that they got and immediately  told us to open the gifts that they bought lol.

I volunteered to help  the other Moms on the day that my  kids has to shop.  My son wanted me to help him but my daughter, being as independent as she is, she did not need any help.

They were very proud that they did not spend it all.  They  both have money left.

I must say that they were  pretty good shoppers.  I will post what they bought for us next time.


Victorious Smile!

She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

God bless y'all!

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