Monday, April 29, 2013

Spartans Shirts

Spartans is the name of the sports league in St. Joseph School. We bought this shirt to support their fund raising activity in school.. 
 I can't wait till my son can play sports in school, it would be  fun to watch.  Ms. Burrito is not into sports which really surprise me because  both hubby and I love sports.  It's okay though because she excels academically which is  really important.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

We still have the old  lighting system at our basement.  The former owner of the house used an 8-foot flourescent ceiling lights and it's not energy efficient.  Hubby and I are thinking of  hiring an electrician to replace all the wiring and  also replace the  long  flourescent lights with   compact fluorescent lamps because it is  more energy-efficient.  My father-in-law uses  compact flourscent lamps in his home and it  really makes a big difference to the electric cost.  It cost a little more to buy them  but  it saves you money in the long run.

We do use  CPL or compact flourescent light bulb in our  hallway which we leave  on  during the night and  I see a big difference to our bill since we switched from the regular bulb to this one.  It is really a matter of choosing the right product to use if you want to cut cost in the   utility bills.  You may want to check out the guides on how to  properly select the right  CPL for your home to use at Genesis Lamp Corporation.  You can also  read the testimonials of the customers how they help them save  money by using  the compact flourescent light bulbs.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


It's been  three years since my husband  has retired from the Navy and I can tell that he misses  the service.  It is ironic though because when he was still in, he couldn't wait to retire but  now that he is on the other side of the  world, he wishes  that he  is still  on active duty hehehe.  I think that what he misses most is the  traveling part.  He get to travel different countries when he was still in the Navy.  

Anyhow, I suggested the other day that we should  donate some of his uniform in Goodwill  because it is cluttering our  closet.  I said that we should just leave each type of uniform to keep for remembrance and the rest can go.  He is very fond of the coat that he has though.  He uses it during Winter, we removed the  patches  and badge and it looks like a regular coat. 

Browsing around online, I found this navy flight jacket at Landing Zone.  They have different brands of jacket such as the Alpha Industries, Landing Leathers, BGLI, and modern.  You can narrow down your search when shopping by brand, by size, or by style.    Check them out by visiting the link above.

Pure Ice Nail Polish

My husband saw a rack full of different colors of this Pure Ice nail polish  and he told my daughter if she wants one.  Daughter  immediately said "YES"!  We looked for red, white, and blue but we only found red and blue.

Friday, April 26, 2013

How young is too young for children to have an iphone?

iPhone 4
photo isn't mine
There is a lot of controversy in the media about what is the best age for children to have their own iPhone. For every person who says that it is OK for them to have one at 9, there are just as many people who believe that it is not OK  and that they should wait until they are 15. Really there are a lot of factors to take into account, such as the maturity of the child, what they phone will be used for, and the personal views of the parent. Every single child is different, and every circumstance is different, so there is no clear answer to the question without looking at the individual child. 

 For some parents they feel that their child is not responsible enough until they are about 15, or in high school, whichever comes first. This poses the question about when children are responsible enough to be the caretaker of a piece of technology such as an iPhone. Basically, an iPhone is a computer, so we need to think about what age we would be happy for our children to have a computer of their own. Because of the applications on an iPhone that make it possible to go on the internet, whether they are old enough to have a phone is similar to the argument about whether they are old enough to have a computer. The same threats of them running into something that might be inappropriate for a young child, still exist with the iPhone, as well as for a computer. Having said that, there are ways of putting parental controls onto the iPhone, so parents are able to ensure a level of parental control over how their child uses the it. Some ten year old children are much more mature than other ten year old children, so this might mean that they would use the iPhone more responsibly than others of the same age. 

 There is also the question of whether their friends will use it responsibly. Pressure from their peers may over-ride their mature ways of thinking in the moment and they may end up behaving in ways that they wouldn’t normally, just because they are amongst their friends. There have been stories of children taking their iPhone to sleepovers and their friends using up all their credit in the one night. This is a risk that could be avoided through using suitable parental controls. 

 On the upside, the child can also enjoy the benefit of having something that is personal to them. With Vistaprint’s iphone 5 covers that personalize the phone specifically to the person, the iPhone can become an extension of the child's personality and allow them to express their personality in a way that is unique for them. The child can choose a picture that they love and have it as a cover on their phone, which would give them an extra incentive to keep it safe and look after it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blue Tungsten Spinner from Blue Steel

My husband love this Blue Tungsten Spinner ring that I got him from Blue Steel.  I figured that instead of getting something for  me, it would be great to  get something special for my husband.  His favorite color is blue and this  one is just perfect for him.    He has been wearing it since I gave it to him.  I told him that it would be my graduation  gift for him lol.   This Blue Tungsten Spinner cost $139.99.   It is scratch resistant which I really like and it look  beautiful on my husband's finger.  This ring is made from the toughest metal in the planet, the Tungsten.  I am sure that when you buy your boyfriend or your husband this ring, they would love it because my husband's face lit up when he opened the box.

Blue Steel has beautiful but affordable jewelry such as rings, earrings, pendants, necklace, and bracelets of different designs.   I love their selection of jewelry, they are  very stylish and so affordable.  I would like to thank Blue Steel for giving me a chance to work with them and for  giving me this ring to  review which made my husband very happy.

 If you want to catch up with their latest updates and deals, like them in Facebook. They also have giveaways for their fans so you might get lucky and win a fabulous prize for Mother's day or birthday, or any occasion that you want to celebrate.  Check the site out and avail the 35% from their selected jewelry, enjoy the savings  and get the  jewelry that you can wear, feel, and love!

Disclaimer:  Product mentioned above was given for  FREE for review purposes.  No monetary  compensation was received in facilitating this review.

Patio Guys

Few things complete the luxury of a living space like a lovely patio. From the furniture to  patio dining sets  you can always count on the patio experts at Patio Guys to provide you with the best materials for your patio from top to bottom. The Patio Guys ( have been specializing in servicing residential patios for their entire existence; very few other home appliance and accessories companies can say that. Because of this singular focus, the company has more experience than almost any business when it comes to getting the right accessories for your patio. You can also count on the Patio Guys to provide you with the basis for your patio from the lining to the tile and everything in between. 
Why Choose the Patio Guys? Aside from the experience that the company has in patio work, they also provide their customers with better prices than almost any other home accessories company on the market. The specialization in patio wares allows the company to focus its administrative efforts on your needs rather than trying to keep three different businesses afloat. They pass the savings of good administration and low cost operations on to the customer in the form of lower prices and payment plans.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Zipz Shoes

These shoes came in the mail at the same time today.  No, I did not order them  at one store and did not order them at the same time.  The white one is the shoes I bought for my daughter's communion  next month.  I placed the order   last month at amazon but the company that sells it (Feeling Pampered)   did not have it in  stock so I had to wait.  I used the $50 gift card that the  Fairy Hobmother gave me, I also bought the  veil and  crown for her using the gift card.
The pink shoes is not for me but for my youngest sister.  It's the FREE shoes that ZIPZ Shoes has sent me to review.  I love how you can  personalized the shoe with your own design.  Their shoes styles  are hi-tops, lo-tops, and slip-ons which is really cool.

So why do these type of shoes called the "Next Generation Shoe"?  Is it because, aside from the cool and hip design that you  see, you can also  have two types of design in  one shoe through it's interchangeable  feature where you can zip the pother design on top of the original one.  Pretty cool isn't it?  As you can see in the photo, there us a zipper  on the side which goes around the shoe, that is where you change the style if you want to.
SIGTheir  shoes are being sold at and or you can go directly to the website (link above) to  customized your shoe according to your liking.  You  might want to like  their Facebook and follow them on  Twitter   so that you can get updates of their latest fashion trend.  As the shoe box says, you can change your shoes, change yourself, and change the world.  Check them out and  show off your   style and fashion with the shoes that is not only comfortable but fashionable as well.

Disclaimer:  Zipz Shoes provided me  the shoes  for free  in return of my truthful review,  there is no monetary compensation involve in facilitating this review.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Keeping the Balance

Keeping the balance is not Ms. Burrito's strong points  but she keeps practicing  till she gets it.

Tube Bending

I just got home from school with a  terrible migraine arrrgghhh.  The office called the maintenance guy when we were eating  our lunch.   The office lady said that the  door would not  unlock automatically.  They probably need some kind of tools to repair it or cnc tube bending maybe, I wasn't sure.  I  don't have  any idea  about stuff like that.  But anyhow, it was fun serving the kids their food.  I just wish that I could have brought my migraine medicine with me because too much noise really  triggers my migraine.  Oh well, I already some meds so hopefully this will go away.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Edge of Belgravia Ceramic Knives

Edge of Belgravia
Kitchen knives is very essential  in  cooking.  Without it, it would be hard to   cut  the ingredients that  you have to use in your menus.  I am  very fortunate to have given an opportunity to  try the new cutting edge ceramic knives that Edge of Belgravia has for FREE in exchange of my  honest review.

These Chef Knives has a superb combination  of bold design and capability  of a ceramic blade.  So, aside from its cutting edge, you also get the style accessory  for your kitchen.  I got the  black onyx and lime colors which are really nice.  My daughter love the lime while me and hubby love the black onyx.
Edge of Belgravia
Photo from their website

These knives are part of an exclusive  limited edition of 999 individually  numbered blades, I got the  numbers 886 and 049.  The crafted handle was designed  by the edgy London Designer Christian Bird and the ceramic range was designed in Belgravia, London.

I made some  vegetable salad the other day and use my new knife and it is  superb in cutting and slicing.  I felt like I am professional chef using a super  nice knife.  You'll definitely get the worth of your MONEY when you buy this  kind of knives.

Thank you so much Edge of Belgravia for giving me a chance to own these superb knives. If you want to see their products, please visit the link I have provided above or you can get in touch with them at their page Facebook. You may want to like their page so you will have access to their special deals.
Disclaimer:  Products mentioned  above were given for FREE.  There was no monetary compensation involved in facilitating this review.  


Victorious Smile!

She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

God bless y'all!

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