Sunday, June 28, 2015

Our New Grill #Kenmore 4-Burner Gas Grill and #Cusinart Professional Forged Tool Set

 We had two small  George Foreman Grill that we bought when we were still in Korea and we shipped it back here when we relocated again after my husband's last tour overseas.  My husband  wanted a bigger grill for some reason so when this Kenmore Grill went  on sale for 50%  at Kmart sometime  after Christmas last year, we jumped on it and bought one.  This was originally $399 but we only paid $199.00 olus tax.  
I wasn't really into buying a new grill because we  only grill during the warmer months and for me, the small grill that we had is enough to use.  But the husband  really wanted a bigger one so I  gave it a go and besides it was on sale.  

This  four  burner gas grill  has a built in lighter  knob that when you turn it on, all you have to do is  pushed  the knob and it will be lit.  I love the side burner because I use it when I have to fry seafood.  Frying fish inside the house   can be smelly and it really makes the whole  house smells like, fish market.  With this side burner, I can cook my seafood without worrying about the smell inside the house.  
It features a large folding  working table which provides a big space for preparation and service and folds away flat for easy storage.
 Hubby and I  are impressed that this is actually a heavy duty grill.  Hubby assembled this by himself without any help from me sometime in April.  We had a misunderstanding that day and I ignored him the whole day.  His way of making it up to me is assembling this without me telling him, lol.  He did a great job!
We didn't have a gas tank so we have to buy one at Walmart.  So far, we have been using this  baby  now that it is warmer.  Well, not this week because it has been raining here at our neck of the woods and a little cooler as well.

I immediately tried  cooking my fish  in it the next day and it worked great.  I did not grill the fish directly on the burner though because I didn't want it to be stinky lol.
I finally got this Cuisinart professional forged set that I got a couple of years ago  as a reward from one of our  debit cards.  

They are super heavy duty and I love having it.  I don't have to burn my fingers as they are long enough to do the  hot job!
It's grill time baby!
***This is NOT  a sponsored post.  I just want to share it just because.. I care!


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