Sunday, August 14, 2011

Extra Cost

Photos of the progress of our Porch Renovation.
On the second day of digging up the old porch, the construction team found out something that cost us extra. There are yellow bricks that was used on the wall so in order to hide it, they have to adjust the size of the porch. It cost us 2 grand.

The site manager let our son ride the bob cat.
I am glad that hubby was off from school during the construction as he oversee everything that is going on.

They already poured the concrete for the base and this coming week, they will be laying bricks already. Hopefully, they could be done in two weeks. I also hope that there would be no more extra cost to come. We already spent 21+k for this renovation. Some people say that we are crazy for paying that much but there's nothing we can do but to hire a company to do as it is a big project that my husband cannot do alone.

Smiling Sally


Victorious Smile!

She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

God bless y'all!

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