Monday, March 14, 2016

Online Garage Sale

So I am starting to clean up our  storage as part of  Spring cleaning and also we will be  moving soon.  I have been planning to  do a garage sale  from years ago but I have never got around to it.  I posted all these  items  on  this blog's Facebook page, iShoppe.  
This magnetic board was given to  our daughter as a gift by  John's Aunt  who  passed away  when we were in Korea.  I never got to see her again and I miss her.  We used to visit her before we went overseas.  Anyway, I used this a lot when I taught both of my kids  during their pre-school years.  It just need cleaning but it is in great condition.  The magnetic letters are free with it.
This is the  shower/bath accessory that I used  for EJ when he was a baby.  I gave  the one I used for Rye to a friend few years back.

Having small strollers like these come in handy when you stroll in the park or in the zoo.  Even though kids have so much energy, they get tired eventually and will crash after a long walk and run.
$5 each
We bought this double stroller when we moved to Korea  8 years ago.  Our kids are oftentimes  mistaken as  twins lol.
Double Stroller $15, small strollers $5 each
We bought this single stroller  when our daughter was born. It came with a matching  car seat which is nice .  Somebody bought this already for $10, I listed it  for $12.
I have four car seats  but  they are more than 6 years so it needs to be  tossed.
I washed and sanitized all these  potty training seats.  My kids  were successful using this in just  few months.  Selling these for $5 each.
This booster seat is also sold.  I listed it for $3.
This walker  was a really great help to my kids in  going around the house when they are just  learning how to walk.
I also previously sold these  items for $35.  A lady from Ohio came and picked it up last month.  I underpriced the  kitchen set I think because as soon as I  listed it, it got sold.  Basing from the prices I have seen in that Facebook group, I might have gotten more for these if I priced it a little higher.  But, I am glad we made a little girl happy with these.
 These set are in great condition.  I event  washed all of it before selling them.
 All the  money  we got from these stuff was put to their  own savings account.
I also sold this toy chest with so many toys in it for $10.  I wish I could have a day care business because we have so many baby stuff that are still in great condition that I can use.
I still have so many things to list but I will  get into it when I find time.  I have to go to school for the book fair today and  I have a duty also serving lunch at school tomorrow.  So life is a little busy these days.  Please contact me if you are interested in any of these.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

We Bought a New Chest Freezer and a Quarter of Beef

Our friend who has a farm asked us if  we would be interested in buying a quarter of beef  sometime in October.  She said that the  cow will be butchered in February.  My husband always wanted to buy  beef that are farm raised so we said yes to their offer.  We went to Sears because we saw a free delivery offer  on their ad and  I also have a $50 dollar gift card that I redeemed earlier from a survey site.
Anyway, we went there and talked to a sales representative but she told us that we can't use the gift card if we are going to avail the  free delivery offer.  I got annoyed pretty quick lol.  She also told us that in order to avail the free delivery, we have to sign up for a sears card.  So we dropped the idea of getting it from Sears. We went to Lowe's and found the  same model for free delivery without any special terms plus  my husband  availed his 10% discount, so it all worked out  good. We paid $514.21 for the freezer.   I just thought that  Sears would  implement those type of conditions, it drive away customers.  
Our friend   dropped their cow  at the processing place  that they hire to butcher the cow on the second week of February.  They gave us the  contact and info of the processing place and we called them to  tell them what cut do we want for the meat.
On February the 19th, we drove to Washington ,PA where  AJ Processing was located.  It was a good bit of a drive but hubby and I enjoyed the scenery although I wish I didn't have a migraine that day.  Nevertheless, we still had a good time  since we  drive there while the kids were at school so it was kind of a short road trip or just  the tow of us.
We paid $$103.30 for the processing.
We drive to an open field, it was relaxing and quiet.  It makes me wish that we live in a farm.
After driving for 30 minutes or so, we reached the place.  Thank goodness for the GPS we didn't get lost.  Hubby and I don't have  much good quick when it comes to finding a destination without  getting lost that's why we invested  on a good GPS for us to use.
The  place was   like  family-owned business.  A  husband and wife were the only ones working there.  My husband  said that it is a pretty good business.
I took some pictures of their stuff inside.

We had 165 pounds of beef and we paid $363.  It's $2.20 per pound of good  meat plus the processing.  It's definitely a cheaper way of  buying beef these days considering how much the cost of   beef nowadays.  
The meat was in the box but my husband  put them in plastic bags according to  cuts.  I did not help him since my migraine have worsen and I had to take meds and lie down.  


Victorious Smile!

She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

God bless y'all!

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