Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New iPhone 4S for Hubby and I

Hubby and I upgraded our phones. just last month.  I was going to  choose the Samsung Galaxy's latest edition but  hubby and I agreed to just get both of us an iPhone.  It might not be the latest edition of the iPhone but it's enough for us to use.  I actually like the features.  I have a white one and he  chose black.  One of the many features that we like about the iPhone is that, every time we use it online where there is a wifi, that certain usage doesn't  go to our plan which is really good because we only got the basic plan.
I was  pretty pleased when HiCustum gave me a $30 coupon to use for their customized gadget cases.  These are the  finished products after my  personal touch was applied to the  iPhone 4S cases.  I could not find a decent picture of the four of us together so I  just use my husband and daughter's picture on his case since she is a Daddy's Girl and I used me and my son's picture on mine which speaks of him being the Momma's boy hehehe.
Since i  was given a $30  code only, I have to pay for the shipping which is $7.80.  I did not mind at all because the quality  of the  case is  really good.    It snugs on the  our phones easily without any problem.
Now, our phones are protected and it has personal touch in them.
I really love how it came out.  Last time when I had my  Samsung Galaxy phone, I could not find a case that really fits.  Now that I have the iPhone, it was easy to find one, thanks HiCustum!
I highly recommend their cases although the shipping takes a little bit longer because it comes from China but it's worth the wait and the price is not that bad.  Each iPhone case only cost $15.90 and that includes the customization.
To get in touch with HiCustum, just visit any of the url below.
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