Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lunch Bag

I have been scouting for a good lunch bag for my husband  so that his co-worker won't make fun of him using a plastic bag to put his lunch box hehehe.  I  did not see any online  but I saw this   thermo  lunch bag at Ross  a couple of weeks ago.  It was on sale for $4.99 which I really love!
This Polar Pack is  nice because   the food stay cold or hot as it is insulated.   I love the mesh pocket on the side for  water bottle.  Now, I can put all the container neatly inside his lunch bag.  I love it when I can find the things I need on sale!

Summer is Almost Over

Few more weeks and Fall is here and  we will say goodbye to Summer.  For the last couple of days, it has been very hot  in here but I love it.  I  would choose hot weather over cold anytime!  Glad that our air conditioning unit  did not give us any problem this year coz we surely could not afford to hire  Raleigh air conditioning services or any other services for that matter.  We had so many expenses this year and  our savings got wiped out so any  surprise expenses would be  painful.

Honda CRV 2014

My husband  had an appointment  for car maintenance service at the Sunset Jeep Dodge-Chrysler  in Steubenvile Ohio last July 28.  When he  went there, he was denied of service because the   guy said that my husband's  appointment was on Tuesday and not Monday.  My husband was furious because  he  even called to confirm his appointment  after setting it up online and it was supposed to be Monday.

To avoid the same problem  to keep happening, we decided to   look around for  a replacement  of our van.  We had our  Town and Country Chrysler van for a year  now.  We bought it  for our 10th wedding anniversary last year.  The van was not new when we bought it.  The kids love it since there are  some neat features like the TV and it is spacious.  But for that one year that we had it, there has been three recalls on it already so hubby and I  decided to just get rid of it.
On August 1st, we went to Ohio Valley Honda dealership where we bought our Honda Accord.  Our Accord is  9 years old now but still  running great.  It is also very efficient on gas that's why we love Honda.
We test drove this CRV and  hubby loved it.  We both agreed that we will trade our van with this CRV.  It is not as spacious as the van but we love the features in it.
It was already late when we went to  the dealership so we came back on  on the 2nd to do some paper works.  Since it was on the weekend, we were not able to finish everything so we were not able to take it home with us.  
We went back on the 4th to picked it up and do some more paper works.  We said goodbye to our Town and Country.  Aside from space, we will miss the  home-link feature of the van where you can  program  a code and link your  home garage in it.  But with its  recent recalls, we were worried.  Additional factor is  the fact that they don't have  a good customer service at the  dealership.  
Our sales agent is Eric Waggoner, a guy that my husband knew in high school.  He was very helpful and  very thorough.  He walked my husband through  with every details of the car.   
We got the top of the line which is the EXL.  It has  the back up camera that I really liked just in case I have to drive it.  As you may all know now, I hate driving but if I really I have to, I will.  Since I suck on backing up, the camera is a great plus for me.
We still owe 21k on the van but the trade value  on it was only 17k so we lost 4k which is a rip off but that's part of trading a vehicle.     The  good thing  is, the interest rate that we qualified for was  .9% only because  our  credit scores are good.  Mine was excellent which is 813 and hubby  was 747.
We love Honda and their service is excellent.  Their team really  provide excellent customer service which is very important.  Nothing compares when a company provide great customer service, right?  We love the sun roof and we get better gas mileage  with the CRV  compared to the van, so it is all good.  I think our decision to trade the van was wise.

Hubby and I  both agreed that if the Town and Country was our 10th wedding anniversary purchase, this Honda CRV is our 11th wedding anniversary gift to ourselves lol.  Our children  were the ones who picked the color.  Hopefully,  this would last with us  for years and years like our Accord.

Christmas is in the Air

Now that the BER-months is here, you can feel that  Christmas is in the air already.  I love one of the jim shore christmas products I found online.  It's a holy family mini figurine.  This would be cute to display  in front of our small Christmas tree.  It's funny that over the years,  your Christmas decor gets bigger and bigger each year.  I always add  an item  or two every year.


Victorious Smile!

She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

God bless y'all!

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