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How to Stay Fashionable While Getting Fit

Fitness is important for women of all ages, and there are ways that you can stay fashionable while getting fit. You can still look cute while working up a sweat, and some of the best workout attire and accessories can keep you in the fashion game. Here are a few of the best ways to blend fitness and fashion into one.
Wear Waterproof Makeup

Even if you aren’t going swimming, exercising can still leave you wet when you sweat. Wearing waterproof cosmetics will help prevent your makeup from smudging or running. You can find waterproof foundation, mascara or eyeliner pencil that’s sold in stores or online. Your makeup can later be taken off with waterproof makeup remover.

Show Off a Sports Bra

Sports bras can keep you cool and looking trendy while working out in the gym, going for a jog or cycling through your neighborhood. Popular color choices include black, gray and pink. Your sports bra should provide a snug enough fit to give you adequate support and allow you to perform all your exercises without any difficulty. Fitness Magazine advises you to wash your sports bra in cold water with mild detergent to make it last longer. Most sports bras have lifespans of nine to 15 months if they are worn regularly.
Don’t Forget the Jewellery 

Certain jewellery pieces can be worn during exercise. Internet-based stores where you can buy women's jewellery online that’s great for working out offer pieces such as clip-on earrings, silver rings and cuff bracelets. Choker necklaces that aren’t too tight can also make great workout accessories. Just be sure to not wear pieces that are too dangly or keep you from moving freely.

Hats Still Work Wonders

Even just a simple baseball cap can enhance your fashion sense while working up a sweat. If you plan to exercise outdoors on a hot day, wearing a hat can also help shield your face from the sun and keep your head protected from harsh UV light. Plain black, pink and white hats go great with just about all kinds of workout attire. You can also get a hat with a catchy word or slogan on it to help you stand out more from the crowd.

Get the Right Bag

You’ll want to carry your workout gear in a bag that matches your personal style. points out that many of today’s top fashion designers make bags that are easy and fun to carry. Tote and duffel bags are always great choices. Certain bags have both straps and handles that can be adjusted without any problem. Some of the best bags are made from durable materials like canvas and nylon. It’s even possible to find leather bags that include extra pockets to hold additional accessories.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice fashion for fitness, and wearing stylish clothing and accessories can help you look and feel your best. Having the right fashion items will likely make you look more forward to your workouts.


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