Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Frigidaire Side By Side #Refrigerator

We bought this Samsung  french door refrigerator with dual ice maker  on May 2015 and it only lasted  for  1 year and 5 months and it went   downhill.  We started having  trouble with it since  September of last year so we contacted  Samsung since it was still under warranty.  Dealing with their   customer service is horrible!  We  had a scheduled, they cancelled on us for  several occasion which drove me crazy because I have wasted time waiting for them  at home only to be notified that they weren't coming.   They did this for three occasions.  We paid for diagnostics and service but they did not  fixed the  issue.  My husband finally had  with them and reported them to Better Business Bureau.  We  demanded a refund  but  they promised to fixed it for free.   
They sent a technician,  diagnosed what's wrong with it, replaced  the part that they said what's causing the problem but then the refrigerator stopped cooling down. We called them again, complained about it and Samsung promised that they are going to  fix it.  By this time I was already fed up with the situation since we did not have  refrigerator for a week  and food were getting bad.    The technician came and  told us that we have to pay the parts which would cost us another $357.  We have spent  over 300 bucks already for the diagnostics and  parts so I didn't want to  spend more for something that is  very defective.   I told my husband, I'd rather get a new refrigerator than dealing with this crappy one that just keep  having issues.    I can tell you this, I will never buy  Samsung appliances ever again because  #Samsung really sucks.   
On December the 14th, he went to Lowe's and purchase this side by side Frigidaire refrigerator for $1139.23.  I told him to just get a plain one, I don't even want the one with ice maker since this new home that we bought  does not have a hose to hook it up on.  He still got the one with  ice maker on it though, he said that he will hook it up sometimes (we will see).  
Those delivery guys was sure in a hurry, they left me a refrigerator with all the plastics and  shelves still unattached, sigh.  I attached them myself after realizing  it when they were already gone.  It was my fault though because I did not inspect  inside when they were done.   
This is a small refrigerator  but I am okay with it  since we have a big  chest freezer  at the basement in which we put all our  meat.  I hope that this would  last at least few years unlike the Samsung  that we had.  Prior to Samsung, we had a GE and it last for 10 years.  
My husband is very disappointed with the overall poor quality of most things today. Refrigerators don't last 20 to 30 years anymore. One is lucky to get 10 years these days. He believes that a company should back their product, especially for defects and/or poor quality. He thinks it is very sad that people feel they should have to purchase extended warranties and protection plans. As Americans, we need to push back and demand more. If we settle for garbage, they will keep selling us garbage.

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