Friday, June 27, 2014

Fruit Basket Decor for $4

Me and the kids went to Goodwill yesterday.  Just something to do to pass the time and give us a little time to exercise our legs.  This fruit basket decor is the only thing that I bought.  I have been planning to buy one  but  the  price is always  making me back out.  Glad I found these set for only $4.  It has 6 different  plastic fruits already inside it and the basket is gorgeous.  I really love the design!
All of it have tags in it still  which I am really happy as they look brand new.  I just love it when I can find something the I like  in such a  bargain price.  I love thrift shopping!

I also love the crocheted center piece that a good friend of mine  sent me  as a gift, thanks sis Dhemz!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Garage Sale Haul

There was a garage sale at St. Joe's Rectory,  a couple of weeks ago.  My son has been itching to come and see what they have that he can buy.  There were actually good  things in there that we saw.  Now here  are the things that I got, I only paid $3.50 for all of them.  I love this heart shaped knickknack. It has a dedication at the back that says, "With Love" Mikasa Japan
I also love this  figurine.  I am not sure if it suppose to be  the Virgin Mary or an angel?  Then I found these set of four  tropical place mats.  They were still new with tags on them.
I also found this movie "The Cell" by Jennifer Lopez and we watched it when we came back home.
Here is my daughter's  big haul for free!  I love this painted bamboo box  which is is still new and has the tag price of $16.89 from Pier Imports.  She can definitely use this for her trinkets and stuff. 
She thought  that this crocheted refrigerator magnet is so cute.
Christmas decors and a bootie figurine, all of these are  free.
Here is my son's  garage sale haul for free also.  He found a leather coin wallet that's made from England.  He was very impressed to find a wallet made in England lol.  He also got a cute table  Timex clock, it still works too.
The year of this key chain is what drawn my son's attention, 1969. He immediately said, "Hey, that's the year Daddy was born" so he bought it. Well, the old folks gave it to him for free.
Over all, it was a fun  experience that  mark a very important lesson to my kids.  They  were so  amazed and admired the  older folks that was there who gave all of the stuff that they  were trying to.  buy for FREE.  They came home with their money intact but with different pretty little things.  To the  elderly group from church, thank you very much for showing kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity to my children.  We will never forget you!  God bless!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New iPhone 4S for Hubby and I

Hubby and I upgraded our phones. just last month.  I was going to  choose the Samsung Galaxy's latest edition but  hubby and I agreed to just get both of us an iPhone.  It might not be the latest edition of the iPhone but it's enough for us to use.  I actually like the features.  I have a white one and he  chose black.  One of the many features that we like about the iPhone is that, every time we use it online where there is a wifi, that certain usage doesn't  go to our plan which is really good because we only got the basic plan.
I was  pretty pleased when HiCustum gave me a $30 coupon to use for their customized gadget cases.  These are the  finished products after my  personal touch was applied to the  iPhone 4S cases.  I could not find a decent picture of the four of us together so I  just use my husband and daughter's picture on his case since she is a Daddy's Girl and I used me and my son's picture on mine which speaks of him being the Momma's boy hehehe.
Since i  was given a $30  code only, I have to pay for the shipping which is $7.80.  I did not mind at all because the quality  of the  case is  really good.    It snugs on the  our phones easily without any problem.
Now, our phones are protected and it has personal touch in them.
I really love how it came out.  Last time when I had my  Samsung Galaxy phone, I could not find a case that really fits.  Now that I have the iPhone, it was easy to find one, thanks HiCustum!
I highly recommend their cases although the shipping takes a little bit longer because it comes from China but it's worth the wait and the price is not that bad.  Each iPhone case only cost $15.90 and that includes the customization.
To get in touch with HiCustum, just visit any of the url below.
Official Website:

Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Greek Design Hoop Earrings

Hubby gave me this Greek design 10k hoop earrings that is made from Italy for my birthday. The knows that I love hoop earrings.  The  one that he gave me during my birthday back in Korea, I lost it at the park when we  went for a hike with a colleague.  Then he bought me  a couple of years ago to replace it but it got broken so this time, he bought a pair that would certainly not break, it is a bit heavier but love it!
Thank you Hon, I promise to take care of this and hopefully not lose it hehehe.  I would  certainly notice if I lose this since my ear would feel lighter lol.

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Written by Sarah Woods
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