Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shopping for Less at $10dollarmall

I recently found some   products on sale  at $10dollarmall.  I rarely shop for  clothes unless they are on sale.  Brand name  jeans like Levi's  is  pricey, I only have two  of them.  So when I see these pants on sale  for as low as $5 each, I grabbed the opportunity to get 7 of them.  Granted they are no-known brand but  for a stay at home Mom, this works for me.  For 8 pieces of  products that I bought, I paid  $59.46 only which includes the shipping already..
Black Boot-Cut Jeans - Black 1
Item Number : D2-24,D1-19, D3-53/141530
Sku : D3-53/141530
Blue Jeans With Small Copper Studs - Blue 1
Item Number : J2-65, J3-68, J1-61/135497
Sku : J2-65/135497
Blue Bootcut Jeans With Tiny Star Studs - Blue 1
Item Number : J1-11, J1-52, J3-13/135496
Sku : J1-52/135496
Light Blue Flare Jeans With Brown Stitching - Light Blue 1
Item Number : H4-44, H2-74, H3-61/141871
Sku : H2-74/141871
Classic Dark Blue Skinny Jeans - Blue 0
Item Number : H3-111, H3-112, H4-2/247122
Sku : H3-111/247122
Classic Blue Skinny Jeans - Blue 1
Item Number : H3-113, H3-110, H3-24/247057
Sku : H3-113/247057
Multi-Color Abstract Stripe Dress - Multi-Color XS
Item Number : H1-32, H7-7, H2-27, H3-65/134751
Sku : H1-32/134751
Gift Card$0.00
I need to alter the lengths of the pants but it is an easy fix. The dress is a nice one too.  I am planning to send some of the pants to my sister.

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Rebecca said...

what an awesome buy

Unknown said...

those are great prices and I had never heard of this place before.With a teen girl clothes get expensive!

Pinx said...

I love 10dollarmall! I have recently visited the website to look for some nice boots and dress as well! Love that dress you chose!

Travel Quest said...

I love the quality of Levis jeans they fit on me perfectly and knowing you can buy it as bargain is a good deal for me. Will check their website hopefully they still have this sale.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I was scrolling through the pictures and thinking how cute everything was. I went back and looked again and saw the prices. I have to go shopping now!

James, Davis, and Associates Test said...

Wow, the prices on the items you listed here are really awesome. Good shopping.

Unknown said...

I LOVE the $10 mall! They have some great stuff!

Tingting R. said...

Wow! Ten dollars for a pair of jeans. That is not bad at all. I should check out this website.

Nova said...

That is wonderful, you have a GOOD savings and Great deals too,

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Other than conducting a product review from them, I have not really purchased anything from them yet. Awesome picks. I am thinking of shopping for jeans next year for some Levis Jeans so I have some good pairs that I can wear and that will last longer. I am tired of buying cheap ones really and want something that fits well and comfortable. Better save!

lencilicious said...

Very good prices for such beautiful items.


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