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I was looking at some photo albums this morning and came across this photo of my husband when we had our honeymoon in Cebu City Philippines.  We went to this music store and  looked at some beautiful guitars.  We bought one and left it at my mother's house but unfortunately, it was broken already when we came back few years ago.  It make me sad because I was planning to bring  it here.  Mama said that someone in our neighborhood borrowed it one time but got drank and  ruined it.  Hubby and I were crushed as the guitar was one  of our remembrances when we had our honeymoon and it was gone because of some irresponsible individual.

Moving on, I am so intrigued by this  
jo ral bass trombone cup mute at WWBW that I see. I have never seen one like this before.  Oh boy, I have been thinking, if I can save up some money, I would like to buy my husband a bass so he could play again.

Ayr Saline Nasal Gel

Whenever winter kicks in and the heater starts running, my nose is so dry that it starts bleeding.  Ayr Saline Nasal Gel is what I like using.  My husband like the nasal spray but I am not comfortable with it.  I prefer putting this gel in a cute tip and rub it inside my nose.  
How about you, what do you use  when your nose is dry?

Boiler Trouble – Is It a Faulty Flow Switch?

 The New Year has come and gone, and with the recent terrible weather, suddenly your boiler has stopped working as well, right when you need it most in the winter months. You’ve had a look at all the possible reasons it could not be working and it seems that there is something wrong with the Flow Switch. 

Is it definitely the Flow Switch?

The flow switch is designed to make sure that the boiler does not ignite if the system is dry or low on water; however it is also designed to detect when the ‘hot water’ tap is turned on, and to then ignite the boiler so that the water remains hot.

There are a number of things that could possibly be wrong with your boiler, it may not be the flow switch. In some cases the flow switch may not have been properly fitted on, which is causing leaks or is not allowing it to work as it should. Checking your boiler for leaks is important because there might be cracks in the casing that is causing the fault.

The central heating pressure might also be set to the wrong instructions, so check that the pressure is correct and that the central heating timer is working and set correctly as a flat battery may be the reason why your boiler is not working. Other problems include frozen condensation pipes, air in the system or corrosion, so make absolutely sure which problem you are dealing with.

However if you have checked all of the above, or they have been checked by an expert, and it doesn’t seem to be any other parts of the boiler that is causing the fault, it may be the flow switch.

Finding a Replacement

If you have an engineer over to review your situation, they will probably be able to offer you a high quality provider of spare parts should anything need replacing. Alternatively look in the yellow pages, or check online for professional guidelines on what type of replacement you need, and there are several comparison sites with helpful review on who to trust when buying replacement parts online. Some companies even offer next day delivery on all orders for a quick replacement!

Call an Expert!

If you are decidedly unsure as to what the problem is make sure to call an expert. Boilers are tricky things and can be fatal if people fiddle with them without properly knowing what they are looking for or what they are doing. Make sure you phone a professional engineer with good qualifications as a local DIY engineer may end up doing more harm than good. A professional should then review the situation with an expert eye and then can either fix the problem then and there for you, or recommend a high quality service should you need a replacement part.

There is no shame in calling an expert. You will get professional advice, and you are in fact putting yourself in more danger if you try to fix the issue yourself or if you ignore the issue. Do not hesitate and get some advice!

About the Author

Cathy Freedman writes about home maintenance issues and has contributed this post on behalf of Applications Engineering, suppliers of high quality engineering products such as flow switches and pressure sensors.


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She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

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