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Edge of Belgravia Ceramic Knives

Edge of Belgravia
Kitchen knives is very essential  in  cooking.  Without it, it would be hard to   cut  the ingredients that  you have to use in your menus.  I am  very fortunate to have given an opportunity to  try the new cutting edge ceramic knives that Edge of Belgravia has for FREE in exchange of my  honest review.

These Chef Knives has a superb combination  of bold design and capability  of a ceramic blade.  So, aside from its cutting edge, you also get the style accessory  for your kitchen.  I got the  black onyx and lime colors which are really nice.  My daughter love the lime while me and hubby love the black onyx.
Edge of Belgravia
Photo from their website

These knives are part of an exclusive  limited edition of 999 individually  numbered blades, I got the  numbers 886 and 049.  The crafted handle was designed  by the edgy London Designer Christian Bird and the ceramic range was designed in Belgravia, London.

I made some  vegetable salad the other day and use my new knife and it is  superb in cutting and slicing.  I felt like I am professional chef using a super  nice knife.  You'll definitely get the worth of your MONEY when you buy this  kind of knives.

Thank you so much Edge of Belgravia for giving me a chance to own these superb knives. If you want to see their products, please visit the link I have provided above or you can get in touch with them at their page Facebook. You may want to like their page so you will have access to their special deals.
Disclaimer:  Products mentioned  above were given for FREE.  There was no monetary compensation involved in facilitating this review.  


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