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I got this big box full of Christmas wrappers for $3 only at a yard sale.  I was so happy when I ask the guy how much he wants for it and he asked me the same question.  So I  gladly said $3 lol.  If he  said  that it's $10, I would still pay for it because the container alone  costs like  more than  ten bucks so it  was a great bargain.
It's nice to find good bargains doesn't it?  It makes me wanna dance like these moves, lol!
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Back to School Shopping

We added some new uniforms for Ms. Burrito and did some clothes shopping for Mr. Burrito as he won't be wearing uniform yet. School supplies and uniforms are expensive. Not to mention that the tuition fee this year hiked up as well. Last year, two students at St. Joe's only cost $2,700, and that is  if you are a member of church.  This year, it went up to $3,460.
Kids grow up fast so  you constantly  have to buy them clothes and shoes every year.  Expenses... expenses,... expenses.  It's a never ending expenditures for parents to bear lol.
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Autumn Savings For You

The kids are going (or have already gone) back to school now and the bank account is empty. New uniforms, shoes, school bags etc, don’t come cheaply. And if you have more than one child the cost mounts up higher and higher. Autumn is the time to claw back some of the money we’ve spent and really concentrate on saving. After all, soon it’ll be Christmas and the crazy spending will start all over again.

Here are some simple ways to save money over the Autumn, in preparation for another big spending season.  

Autumn is a time for tidying up the garden and planting for the next growing year. Instead of buying new plants for your garden, set up a ‘plant-share’ group and share cuttings and baby plants with your group of friends. You needn’t buy new plants ever again.

If you need to purchase big, expensive items like tools, cookers, TVs, cars, etc, don’t do so in the autumn. If at all possible wait until March when large companies are at the end of their tax year. If you approach the issue of buying large items at the right time, the chance of getting fantastic deals are much higher. Companies will make deals for a quick sale, especially with end-of-line products.

If at all possible this autumn travel by coach instead of trains or driving. It doesn’t take significantly longer. An extra hour or so for half the cost is more than worth it.  In addition to saving money, you get to enjoy the scenic sites and spend quality time with your family instead of driving.

This autumn, ban expensive floor cleaners, bath cleaners, shower cleaners etc. Add soda crystals and some washing powder to warm water and clean your sinks, bathrooms, floors etc. You’ll be surprised to see how well this combination cleans, not to mention the fresh smell they leave around the house.

On your way to the supermarket, go to your local discount shops for things like paper towels, shampoo, toothpaste etc. You may find that they stock end-of-line products, and sell them for a fraction of the cost you usually buy them for.

During late summer and early autumn when we still have relatively warm weather, stop using your dryer. Wherever possible, put up a row of lines in your bathroom, your shed, your garage or in your utility/laundry room. If you share a laundry room, you can use fold-up dryers, or those that fit on the wall.  Even a medium spin action on your washing machine will dry your clothes to the point at which they won’t drip when hung out. It may take a day to dry them in your garage on a line, but you’ll save a lot of money for not using your dryer for 3 months a year.

What other ways do you save in the aftermath of the new term and the run-up to Christmas? Please share them with us.

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Anne Lyken-Garner, the author of this post is a freelance writer, a published author and established blogger. She’s written the money saving book, ‘How To Spend Less’.


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