Sunday, July 31, 2011


Every time we go for a walk and this black cat se4es us, he would follow us to our house and would want to come in.
This is the cat that came inside our home and hissed on me when I tried to let him out.
Anyhow, this time he chased the kids until he saw this poor bunny sitting at a stop sign. Oh boy, oh boy, you better run bunny or else you will become a dinner for this black kitty.
Another scheduled post. We are still in DL. Thanks a lot for your visit.

Airplane Prints

Nothing special about these shots. I just took them while waiting for hubby when he was filling up the gas tank.
I don't like the sound of airplane passing but I love the prints t it leaves in the sky.

Another scheduled post. Thanks for the visit.

Budweiser and Budlight

These are just some of the wall decor that my BIL has in their game room.
This is a sponsored post.
Badge Design By Troy

The Stinger

Wasps are our common predator during summer. They will build a house in your wall if you let them. Hubby tear down their house every year but they keep coming back. My son got stung by one a cpouple of days ago and oh boy, he cried and cried.
Wishing you a happy weekend everyone.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Blue-Green Dragon Fly

I regret that I did not bring my DSLR when we went to Tomlinson Run for the second time last weekend. I saw this beautiful dragonfly with a blue-green tail.
sorry if the big photos will slow you down but I have to enlarge the photos so you could see the tiny weeny but pretty dragon fly.
Please join us and have fun with

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Some Shade of Blue

I am glad that the temperature went up to 77 today. For a couple of days it got so cool that it felt like it's Fall already.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Family

Our family in the eyes of a five year old Ms. Burrito.

Electric Lines

Just a random shot I took while hubby is driving on our way home from Chester. I like the cloud formation but the electric wires ruined it lol. Is there a way to edit a photo and remove electric lines. I am sure there is, I just don't know how.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Through the Woods

Just a shot of the playground at Tomlinson Run. We were at the creek when I saw how pretty the colorful park when you see it though the woods.


An ABSTRACT image taken by a sudden movement of the subject. Nothing special but I find it interesting!
"God ALLOWS life to be rocky. His challenge is not to let the rocks grind you into dust, but to polish you to become a brilliant gem." One of the beautiful messages I found at the Nuggets of Wisdom book that I got for my birthday long time ago.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Guard

At a first glance, you would think that the brown thing is just an ordinary fruit or whatever from the tree.
But it you look closely, somebody is guarding it... a Spider!
Have a wonderful day everyone!


A pretty decorative piece I saw at my nice-in-law's house. I always like neat decorative things such as this.


Blue Cloudy Sky

Taken yesterday when we fetched our Burritos from school.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

First and Last Ball Attendance

The photo below was taken during the Navy Ball 08 when I was stationed in Korea. This is the first and last ball that both my wife and I attended together. I just wish that I met my wife on the first time I have been station in the Philippines way back in 90s, she could have enjoyed many places I have been. I guess it wasn't the right time yet.

So sorry hon for neglecting to join Nostalgia, this school things is just getting into me that I don't have much time for this blog.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Lovely Miss

To our lovely little miss, happy happy birthday sweetheart! Just always remember that you will always be my baby girl. We love you very much!
Funny Pictures
Our six year old darling daughter has a blog of her own, if you could please pay her a visit, that would be so awesome. Thanks!


Ceiling fans makes great shadow patterns doesn't it? I was just testing my DSLR the other night and the shadow came out pretty so I kept it lol. Our son used to call ceiling fans a helicopter hehehe.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation Bible School

We encouraged Mr. Burrito to join Ms. Burrito  to the Vacation Bible School this year.  We are hoping that this would  motivate him to go to school next year.  We don't want to force him into attending pre-school this year  because he is not yet ready.
Today is the first day and from what I have observed, he did pretty well.  Maybe because  our neighbors, Sarah and Liz, were one of the facilitators on the said event that Mr. Burrito did not seem to mind joining.
Some set up in the even'ts venue.
Vacation Bible Schol is a great  activities for the kids during summer break.  As the priest of our church have said "Summer break does not mean that you have to take vacation with your faith too".

Update:  When  they came home, our son was so excited to tell us that he got to recite  the alphabet from A-Z without mistake.  I am glad that he is showing some progress.


Victorious Smile!

She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

God bless y'all!

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