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Friday, August 5, 2016

Western Shop and Thrift Shopping

I am guessing that this  shop sells  anything  with regards to horse, horse riders and all that kind of stuff.  This was somewhere in Pennsylvania.  I thought of taking a photo of it  while we were on our road trip.

On the other hand, I want to share to you the  quick thrift shopping trip that my daughter and I did to a nearby thrift store here in our area.  We are literally  living a block away from Goodwill now so we can just walk and see what they have from time to time.  My daughter  was looking for some cute decors for her room and some picture frames for her  arts.  Unfortunately, the  frames available there is  as expensive as  the ones from the store and they are not new!  Sometimes, I find it ridiculous how they price their items, they are donated so  they should sell it for less.  You have to really dig through their things to find good deals.  
 Anyway, I found some good stuff  such as a new photo album, a new shirt, new pairs of socks, and a very good looking lamp.  My daughter only bought some books.  
 I love this lamp that I found, it only cost $6.  I am not sure who does the pricing but this one is priced just right if not under priced.  It's a very  good  lamp and it is very stylish.
 I originally bought this  for my son but  I  remember I had that lamp that I reviewed from Shoplet before for him so I just use this  in my office now.
For all of this, I only spent $16.90 which isn't bad.  My husband does not like going to a thrift shop but I like it because sometimes, you can find neat things for less.  He is very skeptic in bringing pre-loved  things because he is worried it has a bad energy to it.  That's the result of watching those paranormal shows lol.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Applying Sunscreen To The Body

In order to provide the best protection from the sun, you need to know how to properly apply sunscreen to the skin. You want the best broad spectrum sunscreen that is water-proof so that it stays on the skin while swimming or doing activities that cause you to sweat. Make sure the SPF level is high enough to provide protection for your skin type. Children should have a higher SPF coverage because their skin can become burned easier than adults.

Don't apply sunscreen right before going outside. It takes about 30 minutes for the sunscreen to settle into the skin. You want to apply the product about half an hour before you get in the sun. Once you're outside, you should reapply the sunscreen every 30 minutes depending on how much moisture is on the skin.

Before using the product, you want to shake the bottle so that all of the proper chemicals that provide protection are blended. You don't want to use a sunscreen that has a lot of water at the top of the bottle as this will be what you put on the skin, which offers little to no protection. At times, the sunscreen might have clumps around the top of the bottle. These should be removed as they won't be of any benefit to the skin. A sunscreen that is sprayed on the skin is often better so that there aren't any issues with clumps or having the liquid blended together.

Make sure enough sunscreen is applied so that you have the best coverage. You don't want to apply sunscreen only to the face and arms while leaving the back and legs without any kind of protection. Don't apply a thin layer of sunscreen if you plan on being outside for a long period of time. A cream is sometimes best as you can see where the product is applied on the skin instead of guessing as to where it is, especially if the product is used on children. Use the sunscreen on all parts of the body, including the ears, forehead and the backs of the legs as these areas are exposed to the sun as well.

Take Your House From Good To Great With These Home Optimization Strategies

At some point, many homeowners decide that they're no longer satisfied with their house. If you've recently drawn this conclusion, don't worry. There are several home optimization strategies you can start implementing to take your property from average to incredible. Here are three of them:

1. Invest In Deck Services.

Having a great deck on your residential property can appeal to its functionality and visual appeal. As such, be sure to consider investing in deck services once you decide to optimize your home setting. Companies like Elevated Deck Systems are pleased to offer various components that will help enhance your property's appeal, including the bison deck. Some of the other applications offered by the company include pool decks, pedestrian walkways, and patio areas.

2. Hold A Yard Sale.

Another great way to get the home optimization process underway is by holding a yard sale. This technique is effective because it provides you with motivation to get rid of old furniture and other unused items that are causing clutter or detracting from the aesthetic allure of your property. Another big benefit of hosting a yard sale is that you can use the money you earn to purchase new items for your living room, kitchen, or any other region of the property that is in need of sprucing up. To ensure that your yard sale is as successful as possible, make sure that you implement a top notch marketing campaign so everyone in your local area knows what's going on.

3. Hire An Interior Decorator.

These days, the rise of the Internet seems to have made DIY projects a big thing. This is because people can go online and find blog posts and web articles that provide instructions for the completion of numerous home optimization projects. Yet if you're not a home design and decor specialist, you may find that your do-it-yourself efforts backfire. To prevent this from happening, consider the value of hiring an interior decorator to optimize your living space. These individuals tend to have extensive knowledge and experience regarding this sector, thereby enabling them to enhance your property quickly and correctly.

Don't Delay: Start Optimizing Your Property Today!

If you want to take your home from average to awesome, now is the time to implement the changes necessary to see the results you want. You can use some or all of the home optimization strategies outlined above to get things going now! 

Monday, August 1, 2016

How Important Is it To Keep On Top Of Your Families Finances?

In the current climate, it has never been more important to keep on top of our finances. But as a parent, this can be even more difficult. Not only does your money need to spread further, but you also have more people to care for. There are ways to make things easier for yourself, though, so have a read through our tips below and start making changes in your life today.

Set A Budget
No matter what your financial situation is, you should be keeping a monthly budget and sticking to it. They are the key to avoiding overspending and coming up short at the end of each month. Start off by working out what your normal monthly spends are, and divide them into categories. You may be shocked at how much you are spending on certain things, such as fuel and clothing. When writing your budget, you need to be practical and reasonable about how much you will spend, setting unreasonable targets will only lead to failure. Make slight adjustments and start of small, cutting takeaways to once a month maybe.

There are many spreadsheet templates available; some require you to log every individual purchase, while some are more simple.

Make Savings Where You Can
When you’ve got a budget set, it’s time to start savings in all areas of your life. Look for vouchers and coupons, and use them while shopping in-store and online. Be aware of deals and offers, but only use them if you really need the produce. Many deals can be created to entice you to buy an item you wouldn’t normally buy, just because it seems like a bargain. Make sensible choices and shop around for the best price.

Set a family meal plan, with healthy and varied meals. This will make shopping much easier as you can follow a shopping list which will cover ingredients for all the meals. Avoiding mid-week shopping trips can save you a fortune in the long run, and mean there is no last minute rushed meals put together.

If you find you are still struggling at the end of the month, there are secured debt consolidation loans available. Be careful to keep up with monthly payments with these, but they are very handy for smaller and short term loans.

Put Money Aside For The Future
Building up your savings is something everyone should be trying to do. Try to set up a standing order to put money aside each month, and incorporate this into your budget. Savings will come in handy in case of emergencies and act as a financial cushion. If you are planning a holiday or more expensive month, such as Christmas or birthdays, your savings will cover additional costs.

Create Good Habits

Breaking bad habits can take a while, but if you keep at it, then better habits will become routine. You may have to cut back on family treats and luxuries, but being more aware of your spendings will help everyone in the long run. Your children will pick up on your money management and carry this into their lives. Make them aware of what you are doing, and pass on your knowledge and experiences that you have learned.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Football Cleats

Our son have signed up for the  Junior Dons football this year.  They just got done with their football camp and he loved it.  Ge actually signed up last year too but I think he was too small or too young so he did not get to  do it.  This year however, he is stoked.  We bought him his gears including the cleats, socks, and a water jog.  
 These gears  are expensive, mind you.  At least for me it is.  It is good though that he is very interested in football, I am just scared that he would break  a bone or something, that's always my worry.
Anyway, as long as he loves what he does, we are there top support him.  

Friday, July 1, 2016

How to Get Better Feedback When Selling Online

Online auction and classified ad websites let you make money selling products that you have around your house and items that you source from flea markets and other places. Many of these sites now let buyers leave feedback for sellers, which is a great way for future buyers to see who to buy from and who to avoid. As an online seller, your reputation heavily depends on the feedback that customers leave. There are a few easy ways in which you can get better feedback and improve your overall seller's rating online.

Stay in Contact

From the moment the auction ends to the moment you ship out that item, remain in contact with your buyer. Send a quick message to let that individual know the total price of the item plus shipping and thank them in advance for prompt payment. You'll want to send a second message after the payment arrives that lists the estimated shipping date for that item. Once you get that package out in the mail, send out another message to thank the buyer again, let the person know you left feedback and explain that you look forward to receiving positive feedback too.

Ship Quickly

One of the biggest mistakes that buyers have when shopping online is how long it takes for their packages to arrive. If you work a full-time job and have other commitments, you might forget about dropping those packages off at the post office. You now have the option of weighing and packaging items at home, packaging each item and then sending those packages out with your regular mail. These ensures that your buyers get their items faster, which increases the odds of them leaving you positive feedback.

Pack Properly

If you received a broken or damaged item in the mail, would you leave positive feedback for the seller? Using the right packing materials ensures that your items arrive in perfect condition. If you pay extra for insurance through the post office and something breaks, the post office will not pay out unless you packed that box correctly. Use bubble tape or packing peanuts inside the box and packing or personalized packing tape around all sides to keep that box from flying open. Packing boxes properly, shipping quickly and staying in contact with buyers can help you improve your online rating and get more feedback from buyers.

How To Throw An Amazing 4th of July Party

Everyone loves the awesome summer holiday that celebrates the independence of America, the 4th of July. The only thing that makes the day better is to improve it by inviting your friends and family to a party at your house. Whether you invite 5 close friends or 30 of your neighbors, you can be sure of having a great time if you plan it well. Start now to make sure you get the decor, food, and activities that will make your party worthy of this holiday.

For decor, start with the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue. You can use this theme in all area of decoration, including balloons, crepe paper, streamers, and banners. You can also use it for your utensils, including forks, knives, spoons, plates, napkins, and cups. Really, you can use red, white, and blue for everything. You also may want to employ more general party decorations, including lights and displays.

The food you choose for your 4th of July party is entirely up to you. Consider the number of people attending and plan your food accordingly. Do you have a barbecue or grill to use? Would catering be easier? If you're also serving beer or other alcohol, remember to have snacks that go well with those flavors. You can stick to classic American fare like hot dogs or veggie dogs, or even order pizza. Just make sure you have enough food and everyone will be happy.

Finally, have some fun and things for your party patrons to do. Keep the mood patriotic by handing out hand held flags, like those available from Flag Store USA. Sparklers and other legal, safe fireworks make a great addition to the night time festivities. Add games like cornhole, horseshoes, or even baseball to keep the mood upbeat. Music, whether parade classics like John Phillip Sousa or more contemporary party hits, will keep everyone dancing through the night. You may even be able to see public firework displays from your own back yard.

Start now to plan your best 4th of July party and get ready to have a great time. By getting good food, decorating your home correctly, and planning fun activities for your guests, you will make sure everyone enjoys themselves. After all, it's probably the important holiday for celebrating the valuable history of the United States of America.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Items I Bought on Garage Sale

Our neighbor's son is moving to Colorado so he had a two-day garage sale.  which I could not help but to  investigate lol.   I found four things that I could not pass so I bought it, I only spent $14 for all of these.  I got coat rack,  office desk chair, a guitar, and  two  garden statues that I will be painting  later.  
This chair is still in a great condition  so I didn't hesitate to pay $7 for it.
 He gave me these for free.  His Dad said he wanted $5 for it but the son just gave it to us since we always take care of their dogs during the summer time.  
 This  coat rack isn't so bad for $2.  It needs TLC but it is an easy fix.  I am thinking of  sanding it and paint but I am not sure what to do with it yet.  What do you think?
 My son  has been wanting a guitar but I  can't afford to buy him a good one yet so this would be a nice starter for him.  It needs new strings but  the rest is in great condition.  I only paid $5 for this guitar which is great!
Since they were  just beside us, me and my daughter put out some  baby stuff and  tried to have a garage sale but it was too cold that day and we did not last lol.  She sold  few items for $10 though which isn't bad.  We are planning to  do a garage sale before we move out but it would be  when the weather is warm so we  won't freeze outside. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Why It Is so Hard to Find a Good Doughnut

A good doughnut is hard to find. In the majority of cities around the country, there are bakeries. And just about every one of these bakeries sells doughnuts. Unfortunately, not all of them sell a good doughnut. In part this is because what makes a doughnut good varies from person to person. For some people, a good doughnut is one that has a nice crisp exterior, along with a doughy interior. Others like a good doughnut because it is firm and has a chewy texture.

A photo posted by Chubskulit Rose (@chubskulitrose) on
Then, of course, what makes a doughnut good is going to vary depending on the type of doughnut a person is talking about. One would not expect a glazed doughnut to have the same characteristics as a Bismarck. Both of them are going to have features that could make them good. For example, if a person is eating a glazed doughnut, when they bite into it, they want to glaze to be crisp. A good glazed doughnut will have glaze that is thick enough that it will start to fracture as a person bites into it. However, the glaze will not to be so thick that it makes it difficult to bite. A good glazed doughnut will use the glaze as a way to accent the flavor of the doughnut underneath. However, the sugar and other ingredients used in the glaze should not be so overwhelming that they distract from the actual taste of the doughnut itself.

However, when a person is eating a Bismarck that is filled with raspberry, lemon, or Bavarian cream, there are other factors that determine whether or not the doughnut is good. Obviously, the biggest factor is the filling. The filling should have a strong enough flavor that it contrasts with the dough around it. However, the flavor of the filling, especially in the case of a lemon doughnut, should not be so strong that it overpowers the sweetness of the doughnut that surrounds it. A person does not want to walk away from eating a lemon Bismarck puckering their lips because it was just so sour.

There’s something that is exciting about seeing a baker roll out trays of doughnuts. As one hears the sound of the bakery casters clinking against the floor, and they smell the aroma of the freshly baked doughnuts, they know that they are in for a treat. When people find a doughnut shop in their area that makes doughnuts they love, they will loyally only buy doughnuts from that shop.


 I bought this set of spoon  when we visited Hershey, PA  last year.  It's  a little remembrance of our  fun times  at the said state.  Both pieces has the state of PA engraved on it.
I usually buy refrigerator magnet as souvenir when we visit a new place but this time, I wanted something different.  Well, I got some magnet too lol. Another thing I love  buying when visiting places is  mugs but it  takes a lot of space in my house so I quit doing that.
How about you, what do you bring as souvenir when you visit places?


Victorious Smile!

She won an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

God bless y'all!