Friday, July 1, 2016

How To Throw An Amazing 4th of July Party

Everyone loves the awesome summer holiday that celebrates the independence of America, the 4th of July. The only thing that makes the day better is to improve it by inviting your friends and family to a party at your house. Whether you invite 5 close friends or 30 of your neighbors, you can be sure of having a great time if you plan it well. Start now to make sure you get the decor, food, and activities that will make your party worthy of this holiday.

For decor, start with the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue. You can use this theme in all area of decoration, including balloons, crepe paper, streamers, and banners. You can also use it for your utensils, including forks, knives, spoons, plates, napkins, and cups. Really, you can use red, white, and blue for everything. You also may want to employ more general party decorations, including lights and displays.

The food you choose for your 4th of July party is entirely up to you. Consider the number of people attending and plan your food accordingly. Do you have a barbecue or grill to use? Would catering be easier? If you're also serving beer or other alcohol, remember to have snacks that go well with those flavors. You can stick to classic American fare like hot dogs or veggie dogs, or even order pizza. Just make sure you have enough food and everyone will be happy.

Finally, have some fun and things for your party patrons to do. Keep the mood patriotic by handing out hand held flags, like those available from Flag Store USA. Sparklers and other legal, safe fireworks make a great addition to the night time festivities. Add games like cornhole, horseshoes, or even baseball to keep the mood upbeat. Music, whether parade classics like John Phillip Sousa or more contemporary party hits, will keep everyone dancing through the night. You may even be able to see public firework displays from your own back yard.

Start now to plan your best 4th of July party and get ready to have a great time. By getting good food, decorating your home correctly, and planning fun activities for your guests, you will make sure everyone enjoys themselves. After all, it's probably the important holiday for celebrating the valuable history of the United States of America.

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