Friday, July 1, 2016

How to Get Better Feedback When Selling Online

Online auction and classified ad websites let you make money selling products that you have around your house and items that you source from flea markets and other places. Many of these sites now let buyers leave feedback for sellers, which is a great way for future buyers to see who to buy from and who to avoid. As an online seller, your reputation heavily depends on the feedback that customers leave. There are a few easy ways in which you can get better feedback and improve your overall seller's rating online.

Stay in Contact

From the moment the auction ends to the moment you ship out that item, remain in contact with your buyer. Send a quick message to let that individual know the total price of the item plus shipping and thank them in advance for prompt payment. You'll want to send a second message after the payment arrives that lists the estimated shipping date for that item. Once you get that package out in the mail, send out another message to thank the buyer again, let the person know you left feedback and explain that you look forward to receiving positive feedback too.

Ship Quickly

One of the biggest mistakes that buyers have when shopping online is how long it takes for their packages to arrive. If you work a full-time job and have other commitments, you might forget about dropping those packages off at the post office. You now have the option of weighing and packaging items at home, packaging each item and then sending those packages out with your regular mail. These ensures that your buyers get their items faster, which increases the odds of them leaving you positive feedback.

Pack Properly

If you received a broken or damaged item in the mail, would you leave positive feedback for the seller? Using the right packing materials ensures that your items arrive in perfect condition. If you pay extra for insurance through the post office and something breaks, the post office will not pay out unless you packed that box correctly. Use bubble tape or packing peanuts inside the box and packing or personalized packing tape around all sides to keep that box from flying open. Packing boxes properly, shipping quickly and staying in contact with buyers can help you improve your online rating and get more feedback from buyers.

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