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Want To Make Money? 3 Stocks You Should Invest In!

Previously, I’ve posted some advice on here about improving your finances. In that articles, I spoke a bit about investing. But, I didn’t tell you what you should be investing in. Today, I’m going to talk you through three things that you should invest in this year:
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Social Media

The golden rule of stock market investing is that you want to put your money into something with the potential to grow. Many years ago, people took a chance and put their money into Facebook (FB). And boy, what a chance they took. It’s now worth billions, and guess what? Current FB stock predictions see it being worth even more. Many experts are recommending you scoop up a few shares in Facebook to plan for your retirement. Over time, it looks like prices will rise and rise, meaning you could make a lot of money. And, Facebook also owns another social media giant, Instagram. So, it makes, even more, sense to invest in it. The same can be said for other social networking sites like Twitter. Twitter is newer than Facebook, and has, even more, chance of growing and increasing in worth.
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3D Printing

Another thing you should look to invest in is 3D printing stocks. There are lots of 3D printer companies out there that have share prices pretty low right now. Don’t expect them to stay like that forever. We’re starting to see more and more of these printers on the market, and they’ll soon become a household item. In a year or two, everyone will have one, and they’ll be on sale in all electronics shops. It’s worth investing some money in 3D printing stocks while you can. The best part is, share prices will be so low, it won’t cost you much at all. So, even if things do go south, you won’t lose much money. However, I doubt things are going to go badly. It certainly looks like prices will rise, and money will be made. Make sure you’re in there getting a slice of the pie.


There’s a lot of money to be made by investing in sportswear stocks. Think of all the big companies like Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Each year, billions of people are buying their clothes, and they have sponsorship deals with famous athletes. You can’t go a day without seeing someone wearing sportswear. Plus, the health & fitness industry is booming, so more and more people are buying sporty clothes. If you had to choose one specific company to invest in, it wouldn’t be any of the three I mentioned. Instead, you can get good value for money by investing in Under Armour. They’re not as big or well known as the others, but that will soon change. They’re an up and comer and are set to grow and become more valuable.

Investing may seem complicated, but it’s a simple concept. You buy shares in a company, and make money when the share prices increase. For your best chance at making money, keep these three things in mind.

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