Thursday, February 4, 2016

Quick Shopping Trip At TJMaxx

We went out yesterday to buy our son the outfit he needs this coming Friday for their 50s Day as part of the Catholic School Week Celebration.  We had on sale and we didn't spend a dime on it because I used my shop your way reward points.  
 On our way home, we dropped by at TJMaxx to see what they have on sale and found some of these things.  I love that Paris designed stainless steel  utensil holder.  I bought it because it matches my  spice holder which is also a stainless steel.
I also bought this cookie and jelly roll pan.  I love that it is heavy duty and it is only $4.99.  It is is a 15x10x1 in heavyweight aluminized steel  for superior heat conduction and baking.
Shadow Shots
 I also got a new  pastry brush with integrated tool rest.  It's flexible silicone bristles are perfect for glazing, basting and greasing.  This elevate pastry brush was $3.99.
 I also found this neat storage box which was perfect for the small photo albums  I have.  This cost $7.99.  Then I found a stack of so many beautifully designed photo albums.  This is what I bought because it holds 500  pieces of photos which was  the space I needed for the printed photos that I have had ordered  a couple of years ago.
 My daughter found this and said that we need to buy it for her study desk.  It is a magnetic office set with assorted paper clips, binder clips, , push pins, and map pins.
 So these are some of the  stuff that we recently got from  TJMaxx.  I seldom shopped there but once I do, I always find neat stuff.  Oh which reminds me, I have to pay the charge I made on the card, I  always paid it off after I charged the purchase on the card so I won't get the interest.

6 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

A frugal shopper indeed!

Jeannie Marie said...

I love TJMaxx, you found some great items! I have a few of those magnetic tins and they are so handy!

Jeannie Marie said...

I didn't realize I wasn't following you, so fixed that! I'm your newest!

Jo said...

I love shopping in 'thrift' stores too! Especially kitchen stuff just like what you bought. :) Try HomeGoods too, they're sister company. :)

Elizabeth O. said...

Love the little containers for knick knacks! Sounds like a very productive trip.

GreenComotion said...

Good to stay organized!
Have a Beautiful Day!!
Peace :)


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