Sunday, October 20, 2013

Shopping as a Stress Reliever

October is almost over already.  Time do fly by so fast, doesn't it?  I feel like I ma running out of time to learn the things that I need to know before my big day next month.  It is giving me anxiety already wahhh.  I am a big chicken when it comes to  stuff like this but I  have to do it.  I can't even make a   Christmas list  which I normally do right about this time but  I will do that when I get  done with this important thing that I need to do.  For the mean time,  if you are looking for a lace to order a photo canvas, try checking or try searching it online as there are many companies that offer this kind of photo services these days.

By the way, if you ever wonder  how much Shipping Container cost, check out the link and you will know.  Sorry if my topic is all over the place,  I am like that when I am stressed out.  I want to forget the main cause of my stress for a while and I just want to  talk about different things like this website that offer  metal fabrication services.

My husband knows it too when I am stressed out so he  always brings the kids and take it somewhere  with him so I could   have an alone time and do my stuff.  They went to the store a while ago as I was starting to get  agitated and now they are back.  He told me  that  the saleslady in the store they went to was giving him attitude lol.  Poor hubby, got to deal with my attitude at home and when he goes out, he has to deal with the attitude of other peeps as well.  The good thing is he got all the necessary  products that we need for this week so we are good.  I am planning to go to bed early tonight so I could have a good night's rest.  I will be  focusing on reviewing my stuff beginning tomorrow so I will be ready.  I hope I'd be able to do it.

I wish I am like other people  who  shops in order to  relieve stress.  Even shopping stresses me out hahaha.

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