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5 Reasons Why it is Important to Keep Your Rug Clean

Keeping your rug clean is probably something that you would think would come naturally to people, but often as life gets busy, and we have so many other things to do, we might forget to ensure that the rug is cleaned regularly by a professional. Having your rug cleaned properly will ensure that it gets deep into the rug so it isn't hiding any nasties anywhere inside it, that may cause allergies. Here are 5 reasons why it is important to keep your rug clean.

Lasts Longer

One major reason to get your rug cleaned professionally at least once a year is to ensure that you get maximize life out of it. If you fail to get it cleaned regularly it will build up with dust, dirt and other bits and pieces which will be gradually breaking down the rug, so ensure that you always keep your rug as clean as you can.

Won’t Smell

Depending on the rug that you choose, (and yes there are some rugs that may start to smell due to humidity), regular cleaning should help it stay smelling as sweet as the day you bought it. For some rugs that are affected by absorbing moisture, you should make a point of airing them out at least once a week, to ensure that they are kept as dry as possible.

Looks Great

Like anything, if you make an effort to keep your rug as clean as possible then it will always look as good as possible, even if it is a really old rug. Some rugs can last many, many years simply by caring for them appropriately and having them cleaned by a professional cleaner. Just vacuuming your rug will help it to stay looking fairly clean, but to really get it looking as clean as it can, you should aim to have it shampooed professionally at least once a year, to keep it looking great.

Clean Spills Straight Away

One way to ensure that your rug lasts, and still looks great for a long time, is to clean spills straight away. That old trick about pouring white wine over red wine actually does work, but after you have neutralized the red with the white wine you will need to shampoo the rug, otherwise it will simply smell like white wine. After a few weeks that smell will start to become a really foul odor so always clean spills straight away, and use a good quality carpet shampoo (or get them professionally cleaned) to make sure that you are really getting into the deeper layers of the rug.

Mold Spores

One thing that people might not be aware of is that if you are not getting your rug professionally cleaned regularly it could end up containing mold spores, which will mean that it causes issues for people with allergies. Mold spores can occur in a carpet if it has been wet and has not dried properly, so ensure that you get your carpet cleaned deeply if this has happened. There is more information about keeping carpets clean available on this site.

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