Friday, May 3, 2013

Moving Back from Overseas

Moving is something that somewhat exciting and at the same time very stressful if you do not have a professional mover working with you.  It's funny when my husband and I are talking of moving somewhere else, our children  would immediately object to the idea.  They love  the school where they go to and we all love the neighbors that we have here so moving for us would be very hard.  If circumstances would  require us to move, then I would not mind  it at all.  I like to experience living in different places  as long as all of us are together.  What makes our conversation funny is that, my son in particular would ask "What I going to do with my toys?"  My husband would say "We will be bringing some of them and giveaway some".    That makes my son sad as he love all his toys.  

Having too much stuff is a problem especially when your house is small and you do not have the space to place all of them.  This is where storage areas comes in.   There are  different storage facilities that that you could rent to  put your extra stuff that you do not want scattering around your home.  This is usually  occupied by the people who have big stuff  but there is no  place to  put them in their home.  I remember when we were in Korea, one of my husband's colleague mentioned that he  left  most of their valuables in a storage unit while they are away.  Luckily for us,  somebody was  living at our home so we  left most of our stuff here.  We had a lot of stuff coming back here though  because  we bought some  things while we were overseas.  

Our overseas  move  in going back here was a smooth one because the company that the  government hire to do  our households were very good.  We did not have anything broken and we  were very satisfied of their services.

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Dar said...

I'm so happy to hear your move went smoothly., but you are so right, it can be stressful. Onward to new adventures for you and your family.

jheylo said...

i so agree. and if we have children we have to let them know and be aware of it because for sure they will miss a lot of things in their neighborhood especially their friends

Marriage and Beyond said...

moving back to our own place after the renovation from the house next door is too taxing in itself. I cannot imagine how much worse it's gonna be like moving overseas. Hope you guys get settled soon! :)

Ria C said...

Did you move "state-wide" only or you actually moved to a different country sis and moved back to the US again? It must be tiring to relocate overseas as the case for us.

We have amassed so much during the 13 years we have stayed here in Dubai. We have sent countless of balikbayan boxes already that I lost count and track of the stuff we sent. I lost so many precious stuff that holds beautiful memories because of relocating and now I am a bit uneasy on the thought of moving back home again. This time, our stuff is 100 times more than the time when we were just starting out here. We don't have storage facility here in Dubai so it's really difficult to move. We may have to rent half a container to ship all our stfuff back home. I already cringe on the idea of the logistics but at one point, I have to prepare for the inevitable. We won't be staying here for long.

EJ said...

Sis Ria, yep we moved from South Korea back here in the US in 2009. Glad it was a smooth transaction but regret t say that our moved from US to South Korea was not. Some of our items were broken but we never got compensated for it. The movers from Korea were really good in packing that our stuff did not get damages in moving back here.

Mommy Liz said...

WE had moved countless times and I can't tell you, it's exhausting and I pray that we don't have to move ever again.


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