Friday, May 3, 2013

Modern Snuff Bottle

Image 1 : American Bisque Herman & Katnip Ceramic Cookie Jar
Are you into collecting  antiques?  I admire people who collect  neat stuff specially antiques and other collectibles.  Collecting something is a good hobby that  can be advantageous and could also be disadvantageous to an individual.  It is an advantage if the things you collects are really valuable.  It is a disadvantage if you collect things that  doesn't have any value at all and it is just cluttering your  property.  

Image 1 : Chinese 20th century/modern Snuff BottleThis Brush  Pottery Formal Pig with Green Coat Ceramic  Cookie is one of the Victorian Casino Antique that you can see  and find at Victorian Casino Antique Auction site, the iCollector.  I have seen some rare coins or medallions from the site. They also have different kinds  of Asian vases  which is  my favorite items to browse.  I love this Modern Snuff Bottle, it's starting bid is $135.  Auction site is   a nice place  to look for things that are rare, you can buy them sometimes for  a very cheap price. They have a  Bronze Sculpture Ornate Urn there that I really like  but the  starting bid for it is already $700.  

If you would like to see beautiful antique products, check out the site and browse their items.  I enjoyed browsing all their collections.  

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