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Men's Clothing Updates

While we often see advertisements for women's clothing, men are just as fashionable and want to know which looks are hot and trending right now. Some of the most popular menswear that men want to know about are wedding tuxedos, suits and workout clothing. Knowing what is in right now can help to save time and money when looking for that next outfit. 


Tuxedos are not something men wear every day as they tend to be saved for special occasions, but having a great tuxedo, especially a wedding tux, that is in right now can save you a lot of time and money. If you do got the rental route, you want to know what to pick up at the store to ensure that you are fashionable and looking your best. 

 You cannot go wrong with a basic black and white suit, where all pieces are black except the white shirt. Today, fabrics with a little sheen to them are very in. These also tend to be more comfortable which is really helpful at long black tie events since they give more and breathe easier. 

 Forget tails and top hats, stick with streamline tuxes with one or two button lapels this year. 


Most suits you find today can have you looking well put together and stylish. The importance is in the details. Your pleated pants should have vented pleats. This creates a cleaner look by preventing your shirt from coming out or bagging. Medium to darker gray suits have made a come back this season and will be around for a while – this is a great trend to try out if you are in the market for a suit. 

 A hidden pocket inside the jacket is always a good thing! This will prevent that wallet bulge in your back pocket. 

 Look at the stitching. It should be smooth and clean, there should not be any knots or imperfections so you know you are getting a good quality and well made suit. 

 Workout Clothing 

Workout clothes for men today are quite simple and are focused on comfort. Since they are so easy, this makes them naturally stylish. You want to start with a basic T-shirt made from airy material to keep you dry and comfortable. Champion seems to make the highest quality pieces for the money. 

 If you workout outside in the winter, you will need more than just a T-shirt to stay warm. For this, look for a waterproof jacket that has mesh vents. This will help to wick away sweat while keeping you at a comfortable temperature. Break away jackets and pants that turn into short sleeved pieces are a great way to get 2 for 1 (saving you time, money and sweat!) 

 Your shorts or pants should also be made of a synthetic material that prevents moisture. You also want lightweight materials so that you are not weighed down as you get through your workout. These should fit without being too tight. Think comfort.

15 valuable thoughts they wrote, what's yours?:

Erwin Geli said...

Thanks for the info. I am a worst-dresser. I just wear whatever clothes i find in the closet, regardless of the occasion.

Zenserly said...

Smiling here while reading because this post with the discussion on men's clothing, the pleats on their pants, the secret pockets reminded me of the time I accidentally burned the hubby's pants while ironing them haha and he didn't know whether to get mad or laugh...the second time it happened...gee me bad :) It never happened again because he now irons his clothing himself haha, ...your little angel looks so pretty in her smiling photo!!! no wonder she won an international smiling contest :)

Ria C said...

Clothes for men are rather simple because they all need the basic things like a suit, shirt, trousers, good pair of jeans and a least a decent tux when attending formals.

They can use plain shirt and shorts to work out but we girls, we have to have something for every occasion and activity in the planet :) LOL.

papaleng said...

I am a lousy dresser. LOL Never in my life na nag-suot ako ng suit or tuxedo. I like wearing xasual wear, collared T-shirt and slack.

Rovie Aguis said...

And just like any ordinary worker, hubby wears jeans ans shirt every single day but a few days from now he will be wearing tuxedo for the first time in his life...

Guess what's the occasion? Their company Christmas party!

Lainy said...

Men's apparels are for me very easy to find when shopping. However, what to choose when purchasing one depends on the taste of the man himself. My fiance's taste and I differ when choosing his own apparels. He wants something that's not so common, LOL! He has really good taste but I love to look at him when he wears suits or slacks and formal tops when attending church; jeans and a simple top when just going out for shopping.

Dhemz said...

hubby is not into mens fashion! pants nga nito kahit me butas he still wear!

betchai said...

i know there are some men who are more fashion and brand conscious than women, my youngest brother for example, hehe, but he is very good in handling money, i guess, since we were young, his taste for clothes (expensive) taught him to be extra careful with spending careless for little things so he can buy grander things. among all of us, he was the one who was able to buy a house and car before reaching 30, and without even going abroad.

mhie@travelentz said...

My hubby is not in fashion but he likes the expensive clothing and he matches the colours with my dress if we go in the party.

Teresa Martinez said...

These are very helpful tips since many men have a tendency to take clothes styling for granted.

lencilicious said...

I'll share this post to my hubby. He is a typical conscious man when it comes to clothing.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Yes! just like women. men needs formal outfit too :-) My hubby just bought new suits two months ago for our son's first communion and he sure did look handsome :-)

Algene said...

My younger brother is really "picky" / "choosy" when it comes to the clothes he wears. Gusto niya talaga proper attire all the time, esp when going to the gym.

Nova said...

it is nice to know that men can update the way they wear them, i guess it depends on the guy if they would prefer to be simple or very classy

Shengkay said...

I prefer guy ruggedly dress.. :P
but thanks for this mommy rose..


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