Sunday, December 23, 2012

Have You Looked At The Timoteo Underwear And Intymen Underwear Lately?

As the summer approaches, it is hot in most countries. During this time, it is when you go out partying and swimming. It may either be at the beach, swimming pool or even at your back yard. To men, what do you wear during this time? Shorts or cool underwear that will make you look even more hotter than the sun? Well, through timoteo underwear and intymen underwear new designs, you can be the man every lady is looking at. The owner of this items stated that it has been always challenging to create and shoot fun images of these items but he things he is got it. 

There are various themes covered by timoteo underwear as well as intymen underwear that will keep you interested in them. Some of the themed designs are: 

  • The sexy look/theme 
  • Luxury mesh jock on the grass theme 
  •  Lastly, the new sport theme. 

All these themes are there for you when you are going to have a fun time at the beach. For example, you can get the new sport theme when you are going to the beach to play and have some good time. You can also go with the sexy look at the beach to make the girls go crazy. 

Intymen Underwear

The intymen underwear collection is a creative design for both the traditional and erotic pieces. The latest combination of C-rings, pouch enhancement hammocks and other latest trends, make this item one of the best in the market. 

This brand has featured many different designs that will not only leave you yeaning for one, but also make your woman crazy. Some of these varieties of designs are like:- 

  • Classic underwear briefs
  • Butt lifting boxers 
  • See me trough undergarments 

In other simple words, this brand’s collection goes from the traditional and classic; to the extreme and very sexy underwear. The technologies behind intymen underwear are:- C-ring contraptions,  Unusual enhancement and others.

 This line is inspired by the classics. However, it was given an edge to it that takes the garments to the next level. Through this brand, be sure to expect to find anything from thongs, boxers, briefs and see trough jocks underwear. 

 Timoteo underwear 

This is another brand that is known for their jocks and soccer briefs. Surely, timoteo has done impressive work on sexy, stylish and comfortable underwear. The thing that makes this band among the best is; any person can wear them no-matter the size or shape. 

All you have to do is find the best color and fit that impresses your eyes. Moreover, there are various styles and designs available from this brand name. Timoteo underwear is known because of two of their famous items. These items will fame your butt. A good example is the athlete jock brief, which is very impressive and very comfortable underwear. 


Why don’t you look good through these two brands names? Spend your summer wearing hot and attractable timoteo underwear and intymen underwear. Moreover, you can were them as your underpants

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