Friday, September 16, 2011

Tomlinson Run State Park

One of my family's favorite place to visit  during summer time is  the Tomlinson Run.  It is a state park located  in  New Cumberland, West Virginia.  It is a very big park with  different  outdoor fun things to do such as camping,  swimming, fishing,  picnic, and even have a golf  course.    

The picnic area  is equipped with   Picnic Tables, chairs, and a  BBQ grill for each picnic shelters.  Adjacent to the shelter is a huge playground with different playground equipment and Park Benches.  Our kids  always have a blast every time we go there.  I love the place because I can explore the nature and  take photos of interesting and beautiful  part of the nature.

Last weekend, we explore the camping ground after the kids had fed the geese and played at the  playground.  That was our first time going to the camping ground which  is  pretty huge.  We saw  a couple of deer running around.  We were surprised of many people were camping that weekend, almost all of the yurt has occupancy in it.

We've never tried the huge  swimming pool in that park but we always drive by and  see  that  it is always packed with people during summer.  here are Adirondack chairs around it and a huge slide that  both adults and kids love.  

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