Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Son's Scribbles

Here's is a pic of my son's scribbles. All of his drawings look like this but he can explain each drawing in detail. It's entertaining to watch him writing. he holds the pen very fancy and has a very light touch.
See how diligent he is?
Have a great weekend everyone.
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GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Don't you just love those sweet pudgy little hands as they work diligently on his drawing! Just imagine what this little guy will grow to do with those precious hands!

wenn said...

cute little boy!

Unknown said...

a budding artist.:p i love kids' dedication in whatever they love to do.

Ebie said...

Oh, those cute little hands! S future artist!

SASSY MOM said...

Looks like he's really serious in what he's doing... I always love to see kids at work. He's so cute!

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Shey said...

Love these photos, so precious! It's good to encourage him, might be a great artist someday. :)

Unknown said...

your little man might become a famous artist one day :-)

i hope u can visit my blogs too and check out my PBW posts -

Chris said...

cool.. he really seems to be serious with what he is doing :D

my post is up! hope you can visit!

Kim, USA said...

This makes me smile, he is really engrossed to what he is doing ^_^. Is he going to school soon?

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Denise Marie said...

That is way precious!!

Thanks for the easy link to come see him. OMG, he is gorgeous. I can hardly remember those days. Mine had an easel to paint and draw out on the patio. They are now 10 and 12.5. lol

blessings dear momma!!

Lola said...

Hi again! What wonderful photos!

Happy Blue Monday too!


Marice said...

he was so serious! cute!

Debbiedoos said...

I miss my boys scribble scrabble! He is so cute! Happy Blue Monday to you:)

Sally said...

You forgot to put the link on your post, John.

Cacai M. said...

Wow.. that's cool! Indeed very diligent he is!

My Blue Monday

Have a fun-filled Blue Monday Joops! See yah.. :)

susan said...

This is no ordinary scribbler, but an artist at work! I love the innocence and determination! Both children are beautiful! Nice to "meet" you.


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