Thursday, March 25, 2010


We have two gloomy days in a row and today it rained. This is a shot taken at my Dad's back porch, my son saw a bird on this tree ( can you see it?) so my wife took a picture of it. I hope that the sun will shine this weekend so the kids can enjoy the outdoors.
Have a good Friday everyone!

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☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Tress started to bud. have a wonderful day.

Unknown said...

Wonderful to have the bird in the picture. The sky's lovely.

eden said...

Good spotting by EJ! Yes, I saw the bird. Wish you will get sunshine this weekend. We have a hot day today and it is cooling down a little this time.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Unknown said...

here's wishing you lots of sunshine this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Spring has arrived. It may not always show but you can feel it. Funny I posted a similar photo.

TIFFANY said...

We had a couple of gloomy days this week too. Today is supposed to be sunny and around 70 degrees. Hope that lasts through the weekend so the kids can get outside.

Have a great day!

Carolyn said...

Lovely photo. Even though I love the warmth of summer I love the artistry of the trees during the winter especially on a deep blue winter sky. Looks like it is suppose to be sunny over the weekend but colddddddd!
Keep warm and smiles

LV said...

I think that is a neat picture of the tree and sky. The little bird is wondering where his family flew off to. Great post.


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