Thursday, March 3, 2022

Southern Park Mall in Boardman Ohio

 The closest mall from our place is the Mall in Robinson and Ross Park Mall.  We used to go to Steuben Mall but ever since our favorite stores closed, we don't go there anymore.  There's also one that we go to once in a while in Wheeling called The Highland but it's a bit farther so  we only go there when we are near the area.  

Lately, we have been going to Boardman because of the food adventure that our kids have suggested and found out that there's a big mall there too so we explore after we eat.
We did some shopping there and like the selection.  What we  love about the mall is that in the middle of it, there are entertaining activities you can do too such as corn hole, train ride, table tennis or pingpong, and many more.
I also love the healthy plants that they have (I didn't take pictures of it but they are so pretty).
I wish the one in Robison has these options too, it would be a good place for the whole family to hangout and have fun.
This mall is far from us but it's fun visiting because of the various things you can do aside from shopping.

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